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CAEPA is developing a small-scale waste management project, focusing on the Bamenda City, Cameroon. We are currently developing a self-sustaining social enterprise business model, and we are exploring carbon financing as one of the potential funding options. We are looking for an online volunteer with the knowledge and consulting experience in carbon-offset certification schemes (e.g. Gold Standard, CDM, etc.). The volunteer will assist the Project Director in the development of project design document, facilitate the application processes and registration of the project to the relevant carbon offset standards/scheme providers. All the information required for this task will be provided to the volunteer by the Project Director. Communication will be through email, WhatsApp and messenger or through zoom.

  • Project development and management
  • Development programme management

    The current Anglophone crisis has created a vulnerable situation in Bamenda with the complete failure of public services and heavy migration from nearby rural areas, which has resulted into uncontrolled dumping and burning of waste in public spaces, backyards, and river. As per the previous study, Bamenda city generated 120-160tonnes of municipal solid waste daily (0.40-0.54kg per capita) with 76% organic fraction. Today the heaps of garbage have certainly increased with no management infrastructure in the city causing a threat to health and environment in the city. With the motivation to address the garbage issue CAEPA is working to develop a Collection system: Engaging participants across the city using App interface and distribution of dry waste storage bags to voluntary engaging participants across the city.

  • Volunteers: 4 needed

  • 6-10 hours per week / 4 weeks

    Knowledge and experience in projects related to carbon financing/offset programmes, impact measurement and working directly with investors, corporates, municipalities/government agencies, and non-profit organisations. Experience in the waste management space is an added advantage- Strong management, organizational, writing, and interpersonal skills are required

  • Cameroon

  • English
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