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Wahana Visi Indonesia is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to work and collaborate to empower the most vulnerable children, family and community through community development, advocacy, and emergency response for sustainable transformation regardless of religion, race, ethnic or gender.

Since 1998, Wahana Visi Indonesia has carried out various community development programs focusing on children. Hundred thousands of children in Indonesia have been benefited from WVI’s accompaniment program. Wahana Visi Indonesia is a trusted partner of World Vision International.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Strategic Development • Facilitating Preparation of Annual Procurement Plan in cluster level in collaboration with Zonal Procurement Coordinator and Operation. • Facilitate annual procurement planning sessions with key stakeholders. • Consolidate and report on the Procurement Plans. • Prepare Cluster Sourcing Plan aligned with Zonal and National Sourcing Plan. • Execute strategic and tactical contract in Provision at cluster level. • Implement strategic sourcing plan based on approved annual procurement plan at cluster level. • Support to develop Strategic sourcing plan based on Category based on Annual procurement plan. • Prepared and update supplier data base in regular basis. • Support to Develop procurement catalogue. Review and update Item Catalogue prior to the planning process activity. Advise and familiarize Operations with the use of the Item catalogue. • Source select and negotiate for the best purchase package in term of cost saving. • Advise on Market Assessment and Supplier Pre-Qualification process as per the direction from Coordinators and Advisors. sending bid invitations, follow-up of bids, assist coordinating pre-bid meetings as per the direction from Zonal Procurement Coordinator. • Maintain all supporting documents relating to the Sourcing Events based on the document management Supervise the Sourcing events Zonal office and NO and Assistance work relating to sourcing. • Preparation of Procurement Committee submission documents based on the direction given by the Zonal Procurement Coordinator.

2. Resource Acquisition & Management • Looking opportunity to build strong and strategic relation with vendor at cluster level - to reduce tactical buying.

3. Capacity Building • Provide technical advice for AP team in developing procurement plan and implementation. • Provide capacity building on procurement system and mechanism at cluster level. • Build Capacity building as specific Subject Matter Expert [SME] to support Operating Model Implementation. • Availability Tools for capacity building AP or Mitra

4. Accountability & Quality Assurance: • Provide and consolidate cluster monthly procurement report to NO • Receive, Review and confirm Purchase Requisition from user • Provide information regarding goods /works / service as subject matter expert to end user. • Work together with technical person and or department to ensure procurement plan, to set supplier selection criteria and process is aligned with their needs • Conduct vendor evaluation. • Prepare document for Procurement Committee bidding process and schedule and send invitation. • Implement bidding process at cluster level as standard, include sending invitation to bid to vendor and prepare regret letter and confirm award to selected supplier. • Review all procurement document from AP which attached in the system before submit it to Finance. • Ensure vendor lists at cluster level are updated, reviewed and appraised in a periodic of time. • Monitor spend analysis and price analysis. • Conduct Semi-annually and annually for Supplier / Vendor evaluation. • As key person in order to make sure national strategy and direction regarding procurement conduct in proper way.

Accurately complete the master data management form (contract/supplier/ item register). • Manage record keeping for all contract-related correspondence and documentation (Master Data Management). • Communicate contract-related information to all stakeholders to ensure optimum usage of contracts. • Ensure all vendor BPS screened. • Maintain, monitoring, and renew Strategic sourcing document Procurement execution: • Advise on the RFP/RFQ process for spot buys as required. • Liaise with Shared Services & Finance to resolve supplier inquiries. • Ensure receiving all PR, ToR, MoU, MoA, SoW with clear specifications, financial codes, need by date and appropriate approval. • Release POs to suppliers for spot buys and assigned categories.

5. Networking & Coordination: • Coordinate with Zone Procurement on doing procurement analysis needed for implementation of strategic sourcing. • Coordinate with NO, zonal, cluster and AP on procurement process. • Develop good networking with vendors and suppliers and update their information for organization interest. • Maintain Relationship with suppliers and conduct an on-going supplier analyses to meet capacity and process needs to ensure the best interest for organization • Build an intensive communication with user to ensure accuracy of goods and services specification as received in PR manage.

Build an intensive communication with technical team, Committee team member, purchasing officer and zonal procurement. • Facilitate quarterly and annual meetings with supplier and management. Prepare weekly/monthly procurement status reports in order to update the customers and other stakeholders. • Coordinate and assessment of strategic supplier. • Collect feedback on supplier performance as per the established SPM guidelines. Data management, analysis and reporting • Collect and organize data from projects and business units. • Analyse and check data for accuracy and produce the required reporting output in accordance to the Policies / Procedures & Guidelines as set by WV and Donor. • Perform Daily reconciliation exercises of all records and transactions performed within the same day and ensure that data validation, integrity and accuracy of data is meticulously maintained. • Consolidate all findings and convert them into useful formats as provided by SCM/Procurement Manager.

6. Management & Leadership: • Facilitate effective teamwork, coordination and work planning. • Build positive spirit of working in team, department and organization and create working environment of mutual trust, respect, and care among all staff. • Facilitate in the practice of spiritual discernment and prayers include modeling a high standard of personal biblical leadership, maturity and integrity as an example to staff and others.

Required Professional Experience

  • Minimum 2 years experience in procurement work, preferably has grant management knowledge in dealing with procurement and logistic.
  • Understand the department's business requirements and apply in the day to day work.

Required Education

  • Bachelor degree from an accredited university any major;

Preferred Knowledge and Qualifications

  • We strongly encourage applications from local candidates (Pinrang) who have an in-depth understanding of the community and culture in the respective project areas.
  • Should be proficient in handling challenging work environments.
  • Responsive, responsible person and ability to work with tight deadline and demand users.
  • Have knowledge about procurement of goods/logistics policy standard.
  • Familiar with World Vision / Wahana Visi Indonesia business process and accountability.
  • Excellent networking and negotiation skills.
  • Proven track record in provision of qualified vendors.
  • Able to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing in English is a poin plus.

Applicant Types Accepted:

Local Applicants Only

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