Research on the health management services of community residents and write the research proposal

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Health management is a very important work in community work, which is related to the well-being of every resident. This mission focuses on the management of community health based on a study of community living conditions in Lae Province, Papua New Guinea. We want to recruit volunteers of four community management experience, have a combination of medical education background, using the network academic information, open government information, and we provide information, write a community residents for lai province community health management research proposal, we will with the local health management organization to explore the feasibility of it.

The task mainly includes the following parts: 1. To study the living conditions of community residents in Lae Province of Papua New Guinea with the information publicly available on the Internet and provided by us; 2. On the basis of understanding these information, study how to better manage and monitor their physical health status; 3. Write a research proposal to help local community staff better manage residents' physical health, such as physical examination arrangement and public health facilities construction.

We want you to have experience in community work, education in medicine and health, and the ability to gather and analyze information.

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