Research and Analysis of National Budgets in Asia Pacific

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We are looking for 15 Online Volunteers with experience in research who will carry out an analysis of the national budget for selected countries. The task will include the following responsibilities: 1. Analyzing post and pre-budget documents, namely Budget estimates, enacted/approved budget. Finance Bill/Act, Country Budget Review and Outlook papers for the period 2014-19. 2. Developing a table on the percentage of budget delivered by each ministry/institution. 3. Presenting the data in the provided format. 4. Identifying the gaps in budgetary allocations and expenditures; Identify the ministries where under expenditure is taking place

  • Research
  • Economics, finance, administration and human resources

    Governments across the region face challenges in utilizing the budgets through the standard procurement laws, rules and regulations. The budgetary allocations for the development portfolio, and at times the non-development expenditures, remain underutilized because of multiple reasons like lengthy procurement procedures, capacity of the implementing ministries, public financial management rules and regulations. This study will be an initial look into the budgetary allocations and expenditures to: Identify the broad gaps in budgetary allocations and expenditures; Identify the key reasons for the non-utilization of budgets; Identify the sectors where the gaps exists. The analysis will identify the entry points for UNDP where government could use its support to identify the bottlenecks and jointly address them; identify areas where UNDP can assist and analyze system efficiencies, train government officials and where needed, in charge of certain project implementations on behalf of the government. A government has limited resources and if more were to reach its citizens in a timely fashion, more development gains can take place.

  • Volunteers: 15 needed

  • 6-10 hours per week / 24 weeks

    Strong research and analytical skills; background and experience in working on finance and budgets is desirable. We are looking to do the study in various countries in the Asia Pacific region, people with specific language skills which matches government documents are encouraged to apply. At present, we are looking for Dari/Pashto and Burmese speakers who are comfortable in providing s short report of the official documents in English

  • Asia

  • English, Burmese, Pashto
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