Research and analyse COVID-19 social misinformation for UNDP Sudan

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SD Home-based; Sudan

Application deadline 1 year ago: Sunday 14 Feb 2021 at 21:00 UTC

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Volunteers will review and categorise social media data (in Excel), to identify: 1) Trends driving discussion. 2) COVID-19 rumor/misinformation trends, ranking and categorising raw data, with notable examples highlighted. The task can be best equated to data review/processing and analysis.

  • Research
  • Public information and reporting

    As in many countries, social media-driven misinformation around COVID-19 is a significant issue in Sudan, posing a threat to health. As part of listening to Sudan’s citizens’ concerns and views, UNDP Sudan seeks a team of 2 bilingual Arabic and English-speaking volunteers to review, assess and analyse social media trends. Volunteers will be urgently analysing substantial amounts of data in a small team, and identifying/reporting results. The findings will be used to assist in the development of public outreach regarding COVID-19, and efforts to fight misinformation at a national level.

  • Volunteers: 3 needed

  • 6-10 hours per week / 12 weeks

    Fluency in Arabic and a strong command of English are essential, as is familiarity with social media, and experience in research and analysis. Knowledge in health and politics will be a strong advantage.

  • Sudan

  • English, Arabic
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