Qualitative data analysis of project risk management tools



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We are looking for three online volunteers to help UNDP become a smarter and more agile organization, by carrying out qualitative data analysis on a large data set of risks. The online volunteers will work with a Risk Management Specialist to conduct the assessments based on a pre-defined methodology. The team will implement a research instrument with the objective to evaluate the quality of the sample, build a database of results, and contribute to the final analysis of the risk data. The work will require diligence, due to the substantial number of risks identified by projects across the region, but also because assessment of risks requires excellent logical and numerical reasoning, and the ability to apply general policy principles to specific cases. It’s an opportunity to learn about enterprise risk management for project management at UNDP and strengthen your research experience.

  • Research
  • Other communications related experience

    The “next-generation UNDP” is an organization that is more nimble, innovative and enterprising – a thought leader that succeeds in taking and managing risks. To quality-assure project-level risk management practices, we are conducting an analysis to measure the quality of a statistical sample of project-level data. The quality assurance will measure the degree to which project risk registers are coherent, SMART, up-to-date, and promote accountability. We will employ a stratified random sample to generate insights, to deliver answers quickly, while shifting incentives in the medium term.

  • Volunteers: 3 needed

  • 11-20 hours per week / 4 weeks

    As analysis is at the heart of this task, candidates should have robust analytical skills including logical and numerical reasoning. Candidates should also have advanced proficiency in excel, for cleaning and analysis of quantitative data, and proficiency in the analysis of qualitative data. Candidates will need to work remotely, and therefore should also have the ability to work independently.

  • Asia

  • English
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