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Result of Service - Strengthened knowledge management and project reporting - Effective delivery of in-person and online trainings and webinars - Increased global outreach and awareness raising through social media and webinars

Work Location Geneva

Expected duration 6 months

Duties and Responsibilities The Norwegian Oil for Development (OfD) Programme has been offering assistance to 14 countries since 2005. This programme supports fragile and developing countries to promote “socially, economically and environmentally responsible management of petroleum resources which safeguards the needs of future generations”. The OfD Programme supports the holistic approach to petroleum management, with a strong environment pillar with increased focus on emissions reduction and energy transition.

Under the OfD programme, the Government of Norway and the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) have established collaboration to enhance national capacities for improved environmental management of the oil and gas sectors and reduce environmental risks associated with the development of hydrocarbon resources. Based on this collaboration, UNEP has provided technical assistance and capacity building/training in the following countries: Angola, Colombia, Ghana, Iraq, Lebanon, Kenya, Mozambique, Sudan, Somalia, Tanzania and Uganda.

An international consultant is required to provide project implementation support to support to UNEP in developing, planning and delivering trainings and webinars, knowledge management/monitoring and reporting for the project, and undertaking global communications and outreach. The consultant is expected to support development of an online platform that will host UNEP’s training materials under this project.

The scope of work under this consultancy will include:

1 Development and coordination of the 2023 Global Webinar Series, and deliver at least 2 global webinars a. Develop and finalize concept note for 2023 global webinar series, on at least three thematic areas related to sustainable energy / renewables b. Initiate planning meetings with invited speakers/technical experts c. Oversee development of speakers’ scripts for each webinar d. Oversee logistics requirements for delivery of the webinars e. Oversee webinar communication products and dissemination including tracking of registrations f. Support facilitation /moderation of webinars g. Oversee compilation of presentation materials from experts and speakers h. Oversee preparation of the webinar reports and documentation, including statistics of participants’ profiles

2. Consolidating UNEP’s global training library and making them available in an online platform a. Systematically review all of UNEP’s training materials and develop a standardized system for organizing training materials under each training topic b. Develop comprehensive training package which lists and includes all training materials under each training topic c. Identify areas that require further materials development e.g. video lectures d. Identify and discuss with potential partners which have an online platform which could host the training materials e. Test user experience and make adjustments 3. Support delivery of a national or regional level training (e.g. Colombia/Ghana/Mozambique) a. Support planning preparations of national trainings including development of course programme and liaising with experts in content development and revisions, as needed b. Develop and execute training needs assessments c. Develop and execute baseline and final knowledge assessments d. Provide logistics support including conducting the Training Needs Assessment, participant travels, hotel logistics, online surveys, etc. e. Prepare/finalize layout of PowerPoint slides and other training materials being developed by experts f. Develop/prepare Workshop Documentation Reports

4 Contribute towards the project’s information management systems and reporting requirements a. Maintain an efficient filing system for OfD project files on the shared drive, including for photos, training course materials, lists of training participants, training evaluations, technical reports, etc. b. Contribute towards project management reporting in PIMS and towards the annual report for Norad (donor) c. Develop short case study write ups on the results of UNEP’s work in selected of OfD countries, as requested d. Develop monitoring and evaluation documentation for project reporting

3.5. Oversight of wider public outreach through the Global Network on Environment and Oil and Gas and other social media channels a. Responsible for the day to day activities of the Global Network on Environment and Oil and Gas “Secretariat” b. Oversee the development and dissemination of a monthly e-newsletter featuring environment and oil and gas news, events, publications, jobs, etc c. Oversee development of social media analytics of followers and outreach statistics

5 Other related tasks as assigned by the UNEP DRR/OfD Project Coordinator.

Qualifications/special skills - Master’s Level Degree related to environmental sciences, environmental management, energy, geography or equivalent. - At least 2 years working experience. - Experience in developing training courses/programmes, particularly liaising and collaborating with local and national government counterparts.

Languages Fluency in written and oral English. - Strong communication skills including experience working on event flyers and brochures.


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