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We are looking for Online Volunteers with experience in journalism, news reporting, program anchoring to help prepare and publish, in Chinese media organizations, content related to PASDO's SDGs activities, particularly the China-Africa Peace Initiative (CAPI). The volunteers may be affiliated to media organizations that make use of various platforms including print (such as Newspapers/magazines), Online (such as websites and blogs), Visuals (such as TV stations) or Audio (such as podcast and radio stations). The content may be published in English or adapted to Chinese language depending on the language of the platform's targeted audience. Interested volunteers should read up more information at, and use the form at the end of the website to link up their Online Volunteering application.

  • COVID-19 Response
  • Journalism, mass media and broadcasting

    The China-Africa Peace Initiative (CAPI) started as a COVID-19 response program aimed at dousing tension and preventing attacks by Africans on the lives, properties and business interests of Chinese nationals living in Africa. Such intervention became necessary following widespread rage among Africans in Africa, after videos went viral in the continent that showed Blacks being ejected from their homes and hotels in the Guangdong province of China over COVID-19 fears. Although the Guangdong incident could be seen as a case of honest misunderstanding, it created a very negative image of China among Africans. At least one Chinese factory in South-Western Nigeria was burnt down within the period of the Guangdong incident. Following the launch of CAPI, to which more than one thousand Chinese signed up, several peace actions have been carried out. The most recent of these actions is the distribution of food items to about 600 poor households in Nigeria courtesy of donations from well meaning organizations and Chinese nationals. These sincere efforts need to be well reported in the media in order to inspire more positive actions for peace between China and Africa.

  • Volunteers: 5 needed

  • 1-5 hours per week / 26 weeks

    Interested volunteers should have understanding of the policies and publishing guidelines for media organizations in China in order to work within acceptable standard and achieve success. Fluency in English language is mandatory and good understanding of Chinese language is highly desirable. Ability to use WhatsApp for communication is desirable also. Volunteers should also be willing to work for 26 weeks and, if possible, be willing to make up to 10 or more publications.

  • China

  • English, Chinese
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