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This is a UNV International Specialist contract. This kind of contract is known as International UN Volunteer. It is normally internationally recruited only. More about UNV International Specialist contracts.

Under the authority of the Director of the UNESCO Office Caribbean based in Kingston Jamaica, who also serves as UNESCO representative to 20 countries and territories in the English and Dutch-speaking Caribbean, the Partnership Officer provides support to the Director of the Office in UN coordination and management support, monitoring and reporting, and external communication at the Office.

i. Management Support: Assist the Director in the overall Office's strategic planning and in particular provide support in fund mobilization and partnership opportunities. To this end:

• Update the office mobilization strategy • Maintain and update the partners list for the office in all fields of competence of the organization • Actively seek opportunities by looking for funding calls, establishing relations and maintaining them, with sources of funding included in the Caribbean diaspora • Prepare and keep updated a portfolio of concept notes and project documents, with the input of the Programme specialists • Prepare fundraising campaigns when necessary • Prepare and draft partnership Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)/agreements • Maintain monitoring and evaluation table of partnership contributions including in-kind • Work closely with the coordination officer to create synergies, and build an integrated fund mobilization strategy and work plan • Contribute to office website/newsletter/ social media etc. to boost project visibility • Contribute to UNESCO's and office planning documents, Multi-Country Sustainable Development strategic framework, Common Country Analysis, and other UN documents • Maintain contact with National Commissions, to seek funding opportunities for the Organization • Monitor the implementation of the participation Programme (Direct UNESCO funding to National Commissions) provided to the UNESCO National Commissions in the Caribbean, supporting them in drafting the proposal if needed, and making sure outputs are reported to the UN Citizens In Power • Support the Director in knowledge management and file documents on the internal knowledge management platform. • Prepare briefings for the directors, documents, and speeches concerning partnerships and others as requested • Contribute to programmatic office briefings for high-level missions

ii. Coordination:

• Keep close contact with the Bureau of Strategic planning, Division of Partnership to keep abreast of partnership and fund mobilization opportunities • Follow partnership activities of UN Country Teams and UN inter-agency working groups in cluster and ensure that the Director remains updated • Actively engage with Programme Specialist (PS) on funds mobilization preparing/assisting in the preparation as needed of project documents • Participate in UN Country Team partnership meetings, working groups, and events meetings, and keep the Director and Programme specialists informed • Maintain close relations with partners, creating opportunities for the Director to engage • Coordinate and closely work with the partnership officer to create synergies and build an integrated fund mobilization strategy and work plan which keep into consideration the UN Multi-Country Sustainable Development strategic framework, and the opportunities arising from donors and partnership meetings.

iii. Monitoring and Reporting:

• Maintain a monitoring table of fund mobilization efforts including the contact with partners • Ensure the smooth flow of relevant information within the office and with colleagues, at the national, regional, and HQ levels, as well as with UNESCO national commissions, permanent delegations, and sister UN agencies as needed.

iv. UNESCO may assign additional tasks to the contract holder or may modify his/her tasks without the contract holder’s consent, provided those tasks are consistent with his/her function as set out above.

• Accountability • Adaptability and flexibility • Creativity • Judgement and decision-making • Planning and organising • Professionalism • Self-management

fund mobilization/partnership and/or project management. Strong analytical skills and ability to think critically, strategically and innovatively. Proven ability to draft clearly and concisely in English. Excellent communication skills to interact effectively with external partners. Ability to maintain effective collegial relations in a multi-cultural setting and to work effectively and collaboratively in a team environment.  Excellent IT skills, including knowledge of MS software (Word, Excel etc.).   Knowledge of communications principles in brand management and design. Highly organized with an ability to manage and prioritize multiple tasks and work within a cross-functional deadline-driven environment. Sound judgment and independent decision-making ability. Ability to proactively organize and manage own work. Good interpersonal skills, cultural and political sensitivity.

Jamaica security situation is relatively calm with an overall low security level, though crime threat rating is high and hazards threat rating is substantial. Jamaica is prone to hurricanes. The hurricane season begins 1st June and ends at the end of November, every year.

Kingston, Jamaica has all basic infrastructure including running water, electricity, internet available. Food is available in abundance though supermarket shopping can be expensive. Facilities such as banking and medical are available and it is advised to be covered by a medical insurance. There are direct flights to neighbouring islands and as well the United States, United Kingdom, Panama, and many other countries. Jamaica has a diverse culture and as such the incumbent should research the diverse culture, norms, dress code, etc. ahead of arrival in the country; however, generally speaking society in Jamaica is liberal with regards to the dress code.

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