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Result of Service 1. Visibility of UNEP, in particular UNEP-IETC’s visibility, is raised through: a. Organization of outreach events; b. Production of outreach materials, including contents and information; c. Dissemination of relevant information through press releases and news releases as well as social networking services (SNSs); d. Update of relevant websites.

2. Strategic outreach plan, which includes the following, is developed: a. Targets and audiences; b. Activities for each target and audience; c. Tools to analyse result of outreach activities; d. Strategic plan of SNSs; e. Indicators of strategic outreach plan; and f. Expected results and outcome.

Work Location Remote subject to Covid-19 situation (International travel will not be required for this consultancy. Only domestic travel within Japan may be required.)

Expected duration 8 human-months over an 8-month period (full time), starting as early as possible (preferably starting on 1 April 2022 and ending on 30 November 2022)

Duties and Responsibilities A. Background

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is the leading global environmental authority that sets the global environmental agenda, promotes the coherent implementation of the environmental dimension of sustainable development within the United Nations system and serves as an authoritative advocate for the global environment.

The overall objective of the UNEP’s Economy Division is to encourage decision makers in government, local authorities and industry to develop and adopt policies, strategies and practices and technologies that promote sustainable patterns of consumption and production, make efficient use of natural resources, ensure safe management of chemicals and contribute to making trade and environment policies mutually supportive. It promotes the development, use and transfer of policies, technologies, economic instruments, managerial practices and other tools that assist in environmentally sound decision making and the building of corresponding activities.

As part of the Economy Division, UNEP International Environmental Technology Centre (IETC) works with developing countries to implement sustainable solutions to environmental challenges, with focus on holistic waste management. UNEP-IETC provide technical and advisory support to national and local governments to enhance their use of environmentally sound strategies and approaches. UNEP-IETC also implement in-country demonstration projects using innovative waste prevention and management methods and technologies to improve human well-being, reduce the impact of climate change, increase resilience and create jobs. Working with a wide range of partners and in line with relevant multilateral environmental agreements, UNEP-IETC mission is to serve as a global centre of excellence on environmentally sound technologies with focus on holistic waste management. While UNEP-IETC implements various kinds of waste management projects for technical and political solutions to combat issues relating to waste management, UNEP-IETC promotes awareness raising among general people to understand their needs to take environmentally friendly actions towards the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (SDGs).

In order to take necessary actions to combat waste management issues as part of pollution action with climate and nature actions under the UNEP Medium-term Strategy 2022-2025, UNEP-IETC needs to involve and encourage general public to take sustainability actions to make their lifestyle more sustainable to achieve the SDGs and towards carbon neutralization. While UNEP-IETC continues supporting the Member States and their local governments to develop and implement environmentally sound management of waste, UNEP-IETC has been reaching out general public to change people’s behavior on waste management, through various types of project activities, including the UNEP Sustainability Action where UNEP-IETC collaborates with globally famous private companies. In order for UNEP-IETC to continue their efforts to conduct outreach activities, UNEP-IETC needs to hire a consultant who will be in charge of outreach activities. A consultant will plan, arrange, coordinate and organize outreach activities, produce necessary media information and disseminate outreach information. Furthermore, a consultant will particularly conduct outreach activities to raise UNEP’s visibility, in particularly UNEP-IETC’s visibility, in Japan where UNEP-IETC is located.

B. Duties

Objectives: Promotion of environmentally sound management of waste towards SDGs;

Output expectations: A short (2023), medium (2024-2025) and long (2025-2030) term strategic outreach plan will be developed for UNEP-IETC to increase visibility UNEP, in particular UNEP-IETC, and to achieve the relevant MTS outcomes.

Performance indicators - Numbers of followers of UNEP-IETC’s SNSs; - Numbers of media which covers UNEP-IETC’s works.

Deliverables: 1st deliverable – 2 months from the start date: Submission of outreach activity plan; 2nd deliverable – 6 months from the start date: Submission of a draft strategic outreach plan; and 3rd deliverable – 8 months from the start date: Submission of a final report, including strategic outreach plan, result of activities and performance indicators.

Qualifications/special skills Education Bachelor's degree in social science, international relationship or environment or equivalent practical experience.

Professional Experience - Minimum of 2 years of working experiences in social management or media; - Experience with implementation of outreach activities; - Knowledge of web and media production; - Working experience in a multicultural environment including United Nations would be an asset; and - Experience in outreach activities within UN agency is desirable.

Languages Business level communication in English and Japanese.


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