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This is a National Consultant contract. More about National Consultant contracts.


Waste Management is among a few frontier issues which UNDP has been working on. There have been ongoing study and experiments with both government and non-government partners to find new solutions or approaches to address the issues. UNDP co-created with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Department of Environment, a guideline to organize “Plastic-free meetings and offices”. UNDP conducted a study on open burning in Vientiane Capital, we learnt that one of the reasons people do not segregate waste is that they believe that the waste segregated will be mixed in the landfill eventually. Therefore, UNDP is keen to conduct an experimentation to learn if the community see value from managing their organic and recycle waste if they get benefits from it.

Another objective is to test how active people will be engaging in the community waste management if there are incentives. The first phase of the experimentation will be conducted with the community living in Hatsadi Village, Chanthabouly District, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR.

Duties and Responsibilities

Scope of Work

The bidder/contractor will be responsible to work with UNDP, under the supervision of the Head of Experimentation, and potential private partners to perform the following tasks:

  • Create the material, tools and conduct a training to the identified community representatives on waste segregation, community waste management and community-led waste structure with a close supervision of UNDP. This will be a Training of Trainers to the identified community representatives with the objective of teaching the community representatives to deliver the training to other villagers. The other objective is to record the training to make sure that it can be shared with another community with focus on the content of the training (preparation 3 days, training 2 days, post-training and video editing 3 day).

  • Support UNDP to organize “recycle waste segregation bin” co-design workshop to the community (2 days preparation, 1 day workshop).

  • Co-create 5 posters: 1 on organic waste segregation, 1 on recycle waste segregation, 1 on community waste management, 1 on community-led waste structure and 1 on waste management and health. (2 days preparation and 5 days design and validation).

  • Supervise the community representatives to monitor and record the waste collected and sold through the newly established community-led waste structure and report on the result and findings (7 days during the 3 months testing period).

Management and Implementation Arrangements:

  • The consultant will report to the focal point of UNDP unit. The consultant will also work in close collaboration with the expertise hired by the Bangkok Regional Hub, UNDP Accelerator Lab, and BRH technical advisors and experts to ensure successful implementation of UNDP activities.
  • The consultant is also required to comply with the UN security directives set forth under
  • The consultant will be given access to relevant information necessary for execution of the tasks under this assignment.
  • Payments will be made upon submission of deliverable, and certification of payment form, and acceptance and confirmation by the supervisor.


  • Graphic design skills
  • Collaboration skill with other broad range of stakeholders

Required Skills and Experience

Education: Master’s Degree in one of the following: Environmental Sciences, Environmental Management, Natural Sciences, Climate Change, Air Pollution, Development Studies or a related field.

In lieu of a Master’s degree, A Bachelor’s degree with an addition 3 years’ work experience.

Experience: Minimum 1 years of relevant experience (Master degree) or Minimum 3 years of relevant experience (Bachelor degree) at the national or international level in providing advisory services.

Some related expertise, qualifications, and experience in the following areas

  • Waste management and waste segregation;
  • Lead Community training and community workshop;
  • Innovative and socially responsible company with excellent knowledge of the country context;
  • Design of posters or graphics related to environment;
  • Ability to collaborate with other broad range of stakeholders

Language; English (excellent to fluent), Lao (native speaker, excellent writing skills essential for translation).

Requirements for submission of proposals

All interested and qualified National Independent Consultant should apply on-line using the following links:

UNDP Lao PDR Country Office website at or

In order to make your submission, please read the relevant documents available on the link below

  1. TOR Annex I
  2. IC General Terms and Conditions _ Annex II;
  4. P11 Form

Documents to be included when submitting the proposals:

Interested individual consultants must submit the following documents/information to demonstrate their qualifications:

1. Technical Proposal

(i) Explaining why you are the most suitable for the work;

(ii) Providing a brief methodology on how you will approach and conduct the work including the work

schedule for the delivery of outputs/deliverable;

2. P11 Form Education and work experience, including past experience in similar projects and contact references of at least 3 references for whom you have rendered preferably the similar services;

3. Financial proposal: Detailed financial proposal: Lump sum offer with clear cost breakdown against each deliverable. Please use this template OFFEROR’S LETTER TO UNDP CONFIRMING INTEREST AND AVAILABILITY _ Annex III

Price proposal could be quoted in LAK or US Dollar.

Instructions for on-line submissions:

Step 1: Please prepare all required documents electronically;

Step 2: Combine all documents in ONE SINGLE FILE (preferably in PDF however Word format can be also accepted) and upload to the UNDP Jobs using the links above. The system does not allow for uploading document more than one time.

Step 3: After that you will receive an auto reply from the UNDP jobs if your offer is received successfully.

Incomplete proposals or proposals received after the deadline will be rejected.

Note: Any request for clarification must be sent in writing before the submission deadline to the following emails:

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