National Consultant for the National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Programme DHIS2 TB Tracker System Development - Namibia (Open to Namibian Nationals Only)

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1. BACKGROUND The National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Program (NTLP) under the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS) is seeking a consultant, with the assistance of the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The purpose of the consultancy will be to upgrade the existing MoHSS' DHIS2 TB Tracker data system's reporting and data export functionality, upgrade the current DHIS2 version to the latest reliable version, add a module to capture leprosy cases, and provide support to the local consultant with importing TB historical data from NTLP's Excel sheets into the existing data elements in the DHIS2 tracker system, including the creation of an additional monitoring section capturing adverse drug reaction (ADR). The reporting and data exporting functionality will allow the data to be downloaded into excel and CSV format for easy data analysis. Upgrading the current DHIS2 version will better system functionality, fix bugs, better performance, and user-friendly interface. Whereas, addition of the leprosy module will allow the program to capture data of leprosy cases on the DHIS2 tracker system.

2. OBJECTIVES AND PURPOSE OF THE CONSULTANCY The main objective of the consultancy is to improve the MoHSS' DHIS2 TB Tracker system reporting and data export functionality, upgrade the current DHIS2 version, add a module to capture leprosy cases, provide support to the local consultant as stated above. Scope of work The firms/ individual consultants will work to carry out the following tasks: * A comprehensive strategy along with the work plan at the start of the consultancy indicating the timelines and major milestones for the completion of the assignment. * Initial maintenance plan after final deployment, including necessary training for those tasked with maintaining the system. * Develop and configure the DHIS2 TB Tracker reporting and data export functionality into Excel and CSV format. * Upgrade the current DHIS2 version to the latest reliable version * Add a module to capture leprosy data * Separate Kavango region (organization unit) into two separate regions (Kavango West and Kavango East), and further organize the two groups base on the respective districts and health facilities * Develop a user training guide * Train MoHSS staff on development and customization of DHIS2 tracker and data use * Documentation of the whole programing process

Other tasks for consultant * Development of Data visualizations i.e., dashboards, and Standard and customized reporting functions * The consultant shall report and update the TWG, every week (To track progress made and address challenges encountered during the phase). * At the end of the above consultation, all parties (the Consultant, the TWG, and NTLP) must have common understanding about project deliverables * At the end of the project, the deliverables should meet the objectives of the project to be considered a success, thus these working deliverables should be submitted together with the hand over project files * A failure to deliver the specified objectives of the project, is considered unsuccessful 3. Deliverables Outline clear tasks and deliverables, to be carried out in the framework of the background described above. The tasks to be conducted are outlined below. MoHSS expects the consultant to complete and submit the following deliverables by 09 October 2023: * A fully functional DHIS2 TB Tracker reporting and data export functionality able to export/download data into Excel and CSV format. * A fully functional additional leprosy module being able to capture leprosy cases and reporting * Report of capacity building of staff covering development, customization, analysis, reporting and data export functionality. * Technical user manual on the TB/Leprosy DHIS2 tracker system * Final comprehensive report with recommendations

These need to be time-bound and specific. 4. DURATION OF THE ASSIGNMENT The duration of the assignment, 45 DAYS (28 AUGUST TO 11 OCTOBER 2023) 5. Qualifications, experience, skills and languages Identify the educational qualifications and expertise needed for the terms of reference outlined above.

Educational Qualifications * Bachelor of science in informatics Desirable * Post graduate degree in management of information systems and informatics

Experience * Minimum of two years and desirable experience of at least 10 years in information system management especially on web-based software platforms and database administration; Desirable * At least 10 years' experience in information system management especially on web-based software platforms and database administration; * At least five years' experience in DHIS 2 configuration and server administration for health information systems; Skills/Knowledge

* Strong Knowledge in DHIS2 data analytics * Strong understanding of DHIS2 Tracker and Aggregate customization * Having strong knowledge in DHIS2 program rules, program indicators * Having strong skills in linux (Ubuntu 20.04) commands * Troubleshooting DHIS2 running on top of Ubuntu 20.04 * Strong knowledge in installation and management of LXC machines container (The most important)

Languages and level required

* Demonstrate excellent oral and written communication skills, including presentations in English

6. Technical Supervision - Dr Sirak Hailu, Public Health Officer, WHO Namibia. 7. Location Please specify where the consultant will work: Works in Namibia during the full duration of the consultancy period On site: WCO Namibia and Ministry of Health and Social Services: 28 August to 11 October 2023 Off site: N/A On site for insurance purposes: WCO & MoHSS Namibia (please indicate location/address).

8. Travel - If travel is involved, full medical clearance is required Please specify any expected travel(s): dates, location and purpose. * N/A 9. Remuneration and budget (travel costs excluded) Rate: Grade NOB N$73,494.33 per month (N$2,449.81 per day) [TOTAL = N$110,241.50 for 45 days]. 25% of total to be paid upon signing of contract & remaining 75% upon submission of final report].

Currency: NAD

Work schedule (if applicable): 45 DAYS (28 August to 11 October 2023)

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