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UNICEF works in some of the world’s toughest places, to reach the world’s most disadvantaged children. To save their lives. To defend their rights. To help them fulfill their potential.

Across 190 countries and territories, we work for every child, everywhere, every day, to build a better world for everyone.

And we never give up.

For every child, Results

UNICEF works to protect the rights of every child in Sri Lanka. Our goal is to ensure that all of our children survive, thrive and fulfill their vast potential.

In a world that is rapidly changing, children are faced with complex challenges and unprecedented opportunities. UNICEF’s programs are designed to reach and benefit all children so that they can withstand these challenges, leverage these opportunities and be the drivers of their own destiny.

UNICEF is committed to creating a country in which every child is free to learn, play and grow. Our programs work towards providing all children in Sri Lanka with shelter, nutrition, protection and education, wherever they may be. We strive to create communities in which children can live with dignity and hope, free from discrimination, violence and fear.

We make every effort to create and maintain environments that will enable and empower children to be the very best that they can be.

In this way, all children will not only benefit from economic and social growth but will become the driving force behind sustainable national development.

For over 50 years, with the help of our vast network of partners, UNICEF has made significant strides in raising health, education and protection standards for children in Sri Lanka. From achieving Universal Child Immunization (1989) to establishing The National Child Protection Authority (1998) to providing decades of crucial relief in the wake of devastating conflict and natural disaster, UNICEF has played a pivotal role in creating an environment in which children have the best chance to survive and thrive.

Yet, many challenges still exist, especially for the most vulnerable. Some national and regional bodies require resources and reinvigoration. Individuals and institutions need to be strengthened, coordinated and aligned with global standards so that children enjoy support in their schools, communities and homes to help them overcome challenges and unleash their full potential into the world.

Due to our long-standing reputation as an experienced, neutral and collaborative partner, UNICEF is ideally suited to drive these efforts. Our history of success in Sri Lanka is built on our ability to tap into a wide network of national and international partners which, in turn, is bolstered by our own far-reaching presence in the field. In working closely with these government, non-government and private entities, UNICEF takes a leadership role, drawing on our technical expertise to accurately assess existing challenges and develop, execute and coordinate solutions that are relevant and scalable on the ground. For more information about UNICEF Sri Lanka and its work visit:

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Provision for overall supervision, monitoring, administration and management of the new office building Construction Project at UN Compound & support in other program related construction projects.


Under the overall supervision of the Operations Manager and Supply Officer, the consultant will undertake the following.

As part of the ‘Business Operations Strategy’ (BOS) UNICEF SLCO has initiated co-locating with other UN agencies in the UN compound to build closer ties among United Nations staff and promote a more unified presence at nation level promoting greater confidence in the ability of the UN to support Sri Lanka’s sustainable social and economic goals

Premises shared by UN organizations are an important component of the Secretary - General’s UN Reform Programme and a key enabler for common services and shared services between agencies and forms an integral part of the United Nations efforts to harmonize common operations at the country level.

Accordingly, UNICEF Sri Lanka is seeking the services of qualified engineering professional to provide supervision, monitoring, quality assurance, timely construction, and overall management of the office building construction project of approx.1314 sq. m area expanding over three-stories which is currently under construction.

Scope of Work:

Goal and Objective: The main objective of the consultancy is to ensure that the above-mentioned construction works adhere to technical standards, designs, Bill of Quantities (BoQs), quality, and timeline.

The elements of the consultancy project are as follows:

• To supervise the quality of works and review/certify the completed works as per the approved designs, specifications and BoQs

Description of Assignment:

Activities and Tasks:

The major tasks to be undertaken by the consultant in this regard may include but not limited to the following:

a) Construction

The Project Manager is responsible for the administration of the building contract in the following roles, but not limited to:

•Supervise and coordinate with engineering consultancy company to ensure their technical inputs and approvals are completed in a timely manner and swiftly provided to the construction contractor for project implementation.

•Complete, submit and arrange for the payment of the government levies and ensure that the building contractor has fulfilled their obligations with respect to all construction insurance and performance security under the relevant contract. Ensure insurances and other contractual controls are maintained throughout the project and any extensions to these are obtained if required.

•Ensure all permits required for construction activities are obtained prior to initiating works.

•Arrange, chair and minute all site meetings (which are to be held weekly). Provide copies of all meeting minutes to the Construction Committee (CC) within three (3) working days

•Coordinate, monitor and manage engineering consulting/design company to achieve expected engineering surveys (topographical, geotechnical, seismic etc,), architectural designs, specifications, BoQs and daily supervision and quality control of the construction works and construction company/contractor to build the office as per stipulated contract terms and conditions.

•Prepare schedule of construction activities, manage/ supervise construction works, monitor work in progress, ensure project is implemented within agreed budgets and timelines, review/check/certify invoices and completed construction activities.

•Compile detailed progress reports for CC and other stakeholders, enabling real-time tracking of construction progress.

•Ensure that effective quality control systems are in place and contractors and engineering consultancy companies work in compliance with technical specifications and quality standards.

•Ensure adequate health and safety measures and protocols are in place on site all the time and any deviations and incidents are swiftly reported.

• Prepare and provide to the building contractor interpretations and clarifications of the meaning and intent of the contract documents. Review and approve all proposed sub-contractors and supply project information to the building contractor in a timely manner (within 24 hours). Coordinate with CC for any input required facilities.

•Respond to Requests for Information (RFI’s) and issue site instructions and variations. Validate all variations in respect of the project and issue all variations in writing. If a variation is given orally, confirm the direction in writing within 24 hours. All variations are to be agreed with the CC prior to issuing. A Contracts Variation register is to be maintained. Manage and make adjustments against provisional sums and provisional quantities as required.

•Identify bottlenecks and propose remedial action. Communicate with all stakeholders and improve project delivery and ensure timely completion.

•Receive all progress payment claims from the building contractor, assess and value works progress, verify all details included in these claims, verify quality of deliverables and calculate retention amounts (where applicable) and issue payment. Update CC with payments made. Ensure that all conditions in the conditions of contract, policies and requirements are satisfied.

•Examine and advise the CC on the building contractor's program of work. Agree with the building contractor in relation to programs for the construction of the project, monitor performance against these programs and keep the CC informed of progress, reporting on milestones, and advising on potential delays and recommended remedial actions. Request or agree deviations to the program and, where necessary, give directions to the building contractor to suspend/recommence work under the contract, with the CC’s agreement.

•Approve or reject all applications for extensions of time to the building contract and certify any amounts which become payable to the building contractor in accordance with the contract. All extensions of time to be agreed with the CC prior to approval.

•Provide effective planning, development, management and technical support as needed, which includes oversight of all construction activities.

•Review and approve submissions by the building contractor, or any sub-contractors, including all shop drawings, product data, samples and other information, including those of manufacturers, suppliers and fabricators, as required and use best endeavors to ensure that the quality and intent of the design are fully complied with. Evaluate, report on and recommend the contractor’s alternatives or substitution proposals.

•Carry out all inspections required to ensure that work and materials are in conformity with the design intent of the contract documents, in compliance with any sample construction elements and mock-ups, and that the work is of the required quality. Provide the necessary sign-offs.

•Direct and be present at all commissioning, inspections and testing which is to be carried out under the building contract, review the results of such tests.

•Monitor and maintain adequate records regarding the standards of workmanship, materials and equipment, in accordance with the quality assurance plan and investigate and take all steps necessary to ensure that defective work or material is rectified, where necessary.

•Prepare and submit to the CC regular status reports incorporating;

  • photographs illustrating the progress of the project, external works, whole of building external images and appropriate internals. Photographs are to be supplied in .jpg format with a description and date taken.
  • Incident reporting, drawing from the online incident reporting system. Refer Work, Health and Safety Incident and Near Miss Event Reporting – Guidelines
  • Key risks, including for work health and safety, stakeholders, time, scope, quality and cost.

•Manage a smooth handover of the facility to project owner/UNICEF with all the necessary quality checks, inspections, inventories and documentation comprehensively completed.

•Before granting substantial completion of the project, ensure that a comprehensive inspection of the works is carried out with the CC and nominated representatives and a defects list containing all identified and agreed defects (Snag List) is prepared.

•Assist UNICEF with appropriate written advice and documentation should a contractual claim and/or dispute arise under the building contract.

b) Post Construction

The Project Manager is responsible for post-construction administration of the building contract in the following roles but not limited to :

• Coordinate with stakeholders to draft Operation and Maintenance guidelines to establish regular and periodic maintenance of the civil, mechanical and electrical components and equipment used in the building and prepare as built drawing.

• Ensure that the building contractor provides as-built drawings and maintenance and operations manuals as required by the building contract. Review all documents and administer any warranties required by the contract (drawings to be supplied in .dwg and .pdf format).

• Be responsible for the coordination and management of defects rectification during the defects liability period, ensure that rectification is undertaken in a timely manner, and update the defects list as works are completed. Advise the CC on the rectification of defects.

• Supervise the building contractor to undertake any steps necessary or desirable to address any operating deficiencies and monitor and report on maintenance undertaken by the building contractor during the defects liability period.

• Before granting final completion of the project, ensure that a comprehensive inspection of the works is carried out with the CC and nominated representatives, all defects have been rectified, and prepare a final inspection and handover report. In consultation with the CC, determine if final completion has been reached and, if so, issue a Certificate of Final Completion and provide a final account statement.

• Ensure contract closure in undertaken as per the conditions of contract.

•Attend all meetings and conferences, prepare and review all reports and recommendations and establish and maintain such records and registers as may be required to satisfy any of the preceding matters. Undertake any other work on behalf of UNICEF, which is required for the satisfactory completion of the project.

• Any other related tasks as may be required or assigned by the supervisor.

Work relationships:

The consultant is expected to maintain a good working relationship with all stakeholders.

To qualify as an advocate for every child you will have…

Minimum Qualifications required:

• Bachelor’s degree in one of the disciplines relevant to the following areas:

Civil Engineering, Architectural or Building Construction.

Knowledge/Expertise/Skills required:

Specialist skills/Training: Knowledge of procurement, tendering and contracting processes and requirements. Working experience in the area of preparation, implementation and monitoring of technical/construction projects; methodological and calculation skills. Skills in technical design of accessibility/eco-friendly and disaster risk reduction initiatives is an asset.

Years of experience: Minimum 8 years of professional experience at national level in the relevant field of Civil Engineering, Architecture or building/construction, especially in preparation of construction technical documentation as well as construction supervision, project management. Experience in working in complex environments and large infrastructure and/or civil works construction projects. Experience in managing and supervising medium to large-scale construction works in the public/private sector. Working experience in UN or other international development organization is an asset.

Competencies: Fluent in English language and Sinhala is a must, with skills in writing and documentation. Excellent and proven relationships in dealing with contractors and other stakeholders. To be a very good team player and ready to accept additional responsibilities

Duration - 8 months with possible extension

Start date - 15 July 2024

How to apply:

Qualified candidates are requested to submit a resume and other relevant documents

Please complete your profile in UNICEF's e-Recruitment system.

Please indicate your ability, availability and fee/rate (in LKR) to undertake the terms of reference above. (Indicate an all-inclusive fee (including lump sum travel, IT accessories, Internet and subsistence costs, as applicable) to undertake the tasks in the Terms of reference. Office 365 license will be provided by UNICEF, as applicable)

Applications submitted without a fee/rate will not be considered

For every Child, you demonstrate…

UNICEF's values of Care, Respect, Integrity, Trust, Accountability, and Sustainability (CRITAS).

To view our competency framework, please visit here.

UNICEF is here to serve the world’s most disadvantaged children and our global workforce must reflect the diversity of those children. The UNICEF family is committed to include everyone, irrespective of their race/ethnicity, age, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, socio-economic background, or any other personal characteristic.

UNICEF offers reasonable accommodation for consultants/individual contractors with disabilities. This may include, for example, accessible software, travel assistance for missions or personal attendants. We encourage you to disclose your disability during your application in case you need reasonable accommodation during the selection process and afterwards in your assignment.

UNICEF has a zero-tolerance policy on conduct that is incompatible with the aims and objectives of the United Nations and UNICEF, including sexual exploitation and abuse, sexual harassment, abuse of authority and discrimination. UNICEF also adheres to strict child safeguarding principles. All selected candidates will be expected to adhere to these standards and principles and will therefore undergo rigorous reference and background checks. Background checks will include the verification of academic credential(s) and employment history. Selected candidates may be required to provide additional information to conduct a background check.


Individuals engaged under a consultancy or individual contract will not be considered “staff members” under the Staff Regulations and Rules of the United Nations and UNICEF’s policies and procedures, and will not be entitled to benefits provided therein (such as leave entitlements and medical insurance coverage). Their conditions of service will be governed by their contract and the General Conditions of Contracts for the Services of Consultants and Individual Contractors. Consultants and individual contractors are responsible for determining their tax liabilities and for the payment of any taxes and/or duties, in accordance with local or other applicable laws.

The selected candidate is solely responsible to ensure that the visa (applicable) and health insurance required to perform the duties of the contract are valid for the entire period of the contract. Selected candidates are subject to confirmation of fully-vaccinated status against SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) with a World Health Organization (WHO)-endorsed vaccine, which must be met prior to taking up the assignment. It does not apply to consultants who will work remotely and are not expected to work on or visit UNICEF premises, programme delivery locations or directly interact with communities UNICEF works with, nor to travel to perform functions for UNICEF for the duration of their consultancy contracts.

If you think this position might be for you, please take the time to review our Country Office Mutual Agreements before you apply.

If you believe you can team member that can uphold these everyday, then we look forward to receiving and reviewing your application.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and advance to the next stage of the selection process.

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