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This is a UNV International Specialist contract. This kind of contract is known as International UN Volunteer. It is normally internationally recruited only. More about UNV International Specialist contracts.

This post is in UNMISS Movement Control Section and located in Rumbek. He/She will be working with other Movement Control Assistants in the Field Office in Rumbek dealing with movement of cargo and passengers by road and air, as well as preparation of reports. The prospective candidate will report to the Head of the Movcon Office in Rumbek.

Within delegated authority, the UNV Movement Control (Movcon) Assistant will carry out the following duties: • Coordinates the activities of a regional movement control office within a specific geographic area in a field mission. • Participates in coordination of the provision of reliable, cost effective and efficient movement control services for the transportation of passengers and cargo (including dangerous goods requiring special handling) within the area of responsibility. • Produces Supply Chain performance reports, monitors, and oversees the efficient, effective performance of the • regular activities of Procurement, Aviation, Movement Control and Warehouse and Commodity Management Sections. • Provides technical advice to the substantive and support elements of a field mission on all aspects of the transportation activities. • In consultation with the supervisors, prepares operational plans, performance reports and responses to internal and external audit observations. • Provides inputs to the standard operating procedures for the movement control related processes. • Monitors quality control procedures to ensure they are implemented for all work processes. • Monitors the accuracy and validity of data recorded in the management information systems. • Monitors the reference documents to ensure that they are current and readily available and accessible to all relevant personnel. • Conducts inventories and physical annual checks of relevant facilities and equipment. • Provides inputs for budget proposals for the field mission's movement control section/unit. • Participates in coordination of the requisition process with purchasing authorities to ensure that bidding and approval activities meet the required timetable. · • In consultation with the supervisor, provides inputs to responses to UNHQ during the vendor's evaluation to ensure that vendor's proposals meet technical requirements. • Monitors that UN financial regulations and rules are complied with in all activities of the subordinate elements. • Participates in the missions conducted in the field by the administrative bodies such as the local Committee on • Contracts, the Tenders Committee, the local Property Survey Board and Boards of Inquiry. • Participates, in collaboration with insurance specialists, in resolving problems related to insurance policies for movement control services. • Manages the allocation and rotation of appropriate work assignments. • Coordinates the individual annual Work Plans. evaluates the performance of employees and recommends/endorses the recommendation of contract extensions for the unit's staff.

Joint Movement Control Centre duties I Passenger Booking duties: • Monitors the receipt and registration of customer requests, through Movement of Personnel (MOP) and Cargo. • Movement Request (CMR) Forms, for transportation of passengers and cargo (including dangerous goods requiring special handling} within and/or outside a field mission. • Plans and schedules the movement of passengers and cargo from military and police units provided by Troop/Police Contributing Countries. • Determines the most efficient and cost-effective modes of transportation for passengers and cargo (including dangerous goods requiring special handling) within and/or outside a field mission. • Coordinates required transportation activities with the Aviation, Transport and Riverine Units/Sections and/or commercial transportation service providers. • Liaises with other UN units/sections, non-government and government organizations and intergovernmental agencies on Immigration and customs matters. • Analyses projected passenger and cargo flows to estimate required resources. • Monitors that statistical data on the movement of passengers and cargo (including dangerous goods requiring special handling) within and/or outside a field mission is recorded in accordance with the established procedures and deadlines.

Cargo Warehouse duties: • Supervises the activities of the Cargo Warehouse in the absence of Head MovCon Rumbek. • Monitors the process of excess personal luggage and cargo receipt and registration (including dangerous goods requiring special handling). • Monitors the preparation of luggage and cargo for transportation and ensures that weighting, plastic wrapping and labelling are conducted in accordance with the established procedures. • Ensures that luggage and cargo are labelled in accordance with required destinations. • Ensures the timely coordination of the transportation arrangements to the embarkation facility. • Ensures the proper packaging and shipment of all inbound and outbound cargo to include proper handling and • shipping of dangerous good. • Is responsible for the physical loading and unloading of aircraft and/or vehicle bound cargo.

Airfield/Air Terminal/Transport/Riverine Movement Control Office duties: • Supervises a team of movement control assistants, passenger clerks and cargo handlers in the absence of Head MovCon Rumbek. • Supervises the provision of passenger and cargo handling services (including dangerous goods requiring special handling) in support of a field mission from the established movement control facility and monitors that all activities are carried out in accordance with the UN rules, regulations and applicable safety procedures handlers in the absence of Head MovCon Rumbek. • Monitors the process of compilation of passenger and cargo manifests and ensures that manifests are communicated to the aircrew, surface transport and riverine personnel in accordance with the established procedures and deadlines. • Monitors that aircraft, vehicles and vessels are loaded in accordance with passenger and cargo manifests. • Monitors that passengers are briefed on schedules, routes, and timing and safety requirements in accordance with passenger and cargo manifests. • Monitors check-in and check-out activities for outgoing and incoming passengers and cargo. • Participates in the integrated search and rescue operations for the UN assets and other assets upon request and coordinates the availability and operational readiness of the required personnel and equipment. • Participates in the loading and unloading of aircraft bound cargo, luggage, and passengers. • Performs other related duties as required.

• Accountability • Judgement and decision-making • Planning and organising • Professionalism

movement control, commercial or military cargo operations, multi-modal transportation, airline operations, logistics management or a related field with at least three (3) years of supervisory experience on a position directly related to the coordination of complex transport operations in the international environment is required.

Experience working in a UN Peacekeeping Mission or International Organization in movement control/logistics operations in the field is required.

Excellent in use of Microsoft Office (excel, word, power point) is required.

Training in the planning, coordination, and control of at least two (2) modes of transport is required.

Knowledge in Electronic: Cargo Booking System (e-CBS) is desirable.

Knowledge to operate MHE and 25-seater buses is desirable.

Certified in Amadeus, SITA or equivalent certificate is desirable.

Valid certification or previous certification in the use of IATA and/or IMO rules and procedures for the transportation of dangerous goods is desirable.

Living conditions vary between UNMISS duty stations. Each duty station where UNMISS has a field presence has basic residential camp facilities, which includes running water and electricity. Candidates should be aware that accommodation may be austere with the possibility of water shortages and power blackouts. On arrival in Juba accommodation will be on a share basis. Ablutions will also be shared. As the accommodation situation improves single unit accommodation, with an attached ablution, should become available in all locations. Hard wall accommodation is available in Juba.

All UNMISS duty stations apart from Entebbe, Uganda are considered non - family duty stations. The security level of UNMISS duty stations is classified by the UN Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) who will brief on arrival. A number of locations in South Sudan are prone to conflict.

Primary health care services (preventive and curative) are provided in 11 United Nations Owned Equipment (UNOE) Level-I clinics, 21 Contingent Owned Equipment (COE) Level-I clinics, 4 COE Level-II medical facilities within the mission area and the establishment of contractual agreements for Level-III and Level-IIII care outside the mission area. The 4 Level-II facilities available in Juba, Bor, Malakal and Wau, run by the Troop Contributing Countries (TCC), take referrals from the Level-I clinics and provide hospital-based care.

The climate is tropical with a rainy season in many areas, which should normally span from around April to October. Ability to live and work in difficult and harsh conditions is essential.

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