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This is a UNV International Specialist contract. This kind of contract is known as International UN Volunteer. It is normally internationally recruited only. More about UNV International Specialist contracts.

This UNV assignment is located within the Office of the Chief of Evidence Management and is based in Baghdad, Iraq. The incumbent will report to the Chief of Evidence Management.

UNITAD was established by the Secretary-General pursuant to Security Council resolution 2379 (2017), according to which it is mandated to support domestic efforts to hold ISIL (Da'esh) accountable by collecting, preserving and storing evidence in Iraq of acts that may amount to war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide committed by the terrorist group ISIL (Da'esh) in Iraq (

Within the delegated authority and under the supervision of the Chief of Evidence Management or his/her designated mandated representative(s), the UN Volunteer Legal Officer will:

• Assist the Chief of Evidence Management in the coordination of the units within the Office of Evidence Management, including Forensic Science, Information Systems, and Evidence Analysis; • Maintain an up-to-date understanding regarding the evolving evidence holdings of the Investigative Team, and assist the Chief of Evidence Management in enforcing the coherent and consistent application of internal processes across the entirety of the evidence lifecycle, including in the areas of evidence collection, storage, management, analysis, and security; • Draft, review and advise on guidelines, protocols and standard operating procedures of the different units within the Office of Evidence Management; • Support the Chief of Evidence Management by preparing briefing notes, opinions, studies and taking points, and gathering background materials, as required; • Prepare and participate in official meetings and on-site visits; keep minutes of deliberations and prepare reports; review information gathered and identify necessary follow-up actions; • Address and/or manage requests and inquiries directed to the Office of the Chief of Evidence Management; • Assist in maintaining the Section’s relevant databases and registers for digital evidence management and analysis; • Support administrative tasks including the development of work plans, programmes and budgets; • Draft, review and advise on legal documents and correspondence; • Conduct extensive research and provide detailed analyses on a wide range of legal issues; • Perform other duties as required.

  • Results/expected outputs:- • As an active UNITAD team member, efficient, timely, responsive, client-friendly and high-quality support rendered to UNITAD and its beneficiaries in the accomplishment of her/his functions, including: o Guidelines, protocols and standard operating procedures of the different units within the Office of Evidence Management are developed and/or reviewed, as required; o Requests and/or inquiries directed at the Office of the Chief of Evidence Management are addressed in a comprehensive and timely manner; o The Section’s relevant databases and registers for digital evidence management and analysis are well-maintained; o Work-plans, programmes and budgets are developed and reviewed, as required; o Research assignments are carried out in a comprehensive and objective manner; written assignments such as reports, briefs, opinions, talking points and other legal documents and correspondence are client-oriented and concise. • Age, Gender and Diversity (AGD) perspective is systematically applied, integrated and documented in all activities throughout the assignment • A final statement of achievements towards volunteerism for peace and development during the assignment, such as reporting on the number of volunteers mobilized, activities participated in and capacities developed

• Professionalism. • Integrity. • Teamwork and respect for diversity. • Commitment to continuous learning. • Planning and organizing. • Communication. • Flexibility.

• Progressively responsible experience (including at least 2 years at the international level) in law, preferably as lawyer/litigator, prosecutor, judge, or legal officer;
• Previous experience supporting international tribunals and/or investigative mechanisms is an asset; • Experience in a UN field operation, especially in a conflict or post-conflict area, is an asset; • Excellent oral and written skills; excellent drafting, formulation, reporting skills; • Accuracy and professionalism in document production and editing; • Excellent interpersonal skills; culturally and socially sensitive; ability to work inclusively and collaboratively with a range of partners, including grassroots community members, religious and youth organizations, and authorities at different levels; familiarity with tools and approaches of communications for development; • Ability to work and adapt professionally and effectively in a challenging environment; ability to work effectively in a multicultural team of international and national personnel; • Solid overall computer literacy, including proficiency in various MS Office applications (Excel, Word, etc.) and email/internet; familiarity with database management; and office technology equipment; experience in e-discovery tools is an asset; • Self-motivated, ability to work with minimum supervision; ability to work with tight deadlines; • Sound security awareness; • Have affinity with or interest in criminal justice, volunteerism as a mechanism for durable development, and the UN System.

UN personnel in Iraq operates in a volatile security environment. International personnel operating in Iraq must take online security awareness in the field training (BSAFE) prior to arrival in Iraq and undertake a mandatory Security Induction Awareness Training (SAIT) or SSAFE immediately upon arrival.

Baghdad, Iraq, is a non-family duty station which is classified as Hardship Level E by the United Nations Department of Safety and Security. UN staff members and United Nations Volunteers work and live in a secure compound. Their movements outside the compound are guided by the prevalent UN security guidelines in the duty station.

The official offices of UNITAD will be located inside the “International Zone”, which comprises all UN Offices operating out of Baghdad.

Stringent security measures are in place throughout the country, and UN Volunteers, as other UN staff, are quite limited in all duty stations in Iraq when it comes to movement. Where travel to Baghdad is required movement within the “International Zone”, is done using armoured vehicles. Currently there are UN flights (UNAMI) covering Iraq and Kuwait. There are many international flights to Erbil, Baghdad and Basrah.

The Rest and Recuperation (R&R) cycle in Baghdad is 4 weeks, with the designated place of R&R being Amman, Jordan. The dominant currency in use in Iraq is USD. The Iraq Dinar is used with an exchange rate of approximately USD 1 = 1,250 Iraqi dinars.

The market is mostly cash-based; both USD and Iraqi Dinar are widely accepted. Payments by credit cards are accepted in a limited number of shops. Inside the UN Compound, there are a number of restaurants and 1 mini market to serve the staff. UN personnel need to be culturally sensitive and adjust to the culture of the country.

Iraq is a unique country that provides for an interesting and enriching environment, but also requires a mature level of cultural awareness, as well as more stamina and commitment than elsewhere to make life comfortable and affordable. Therefore, flexibility and the ability and willingness to live and work in harsh and potentially hazardous conditions, involving physical hardship and little comfort, are essential.

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