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The current armed conflict in eastern Ukraine has had a direct and extremely negative impact on social cohesion, community security and the rule of law.

Before the conflict over the last decade, UNDP had been actively represented in eastern Ukraine, with a focus on community development, civil society development and environmental protection. The work to address the specific development challenges occurring from the conflict and the above-mentioned is based on previous work and established partnership relations. It was initiated in 2015 through the United Nations Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme, which is a multilateral donor framework program jointly implemented by four UN partner agencies in cooperation with the Government of Ukraine.

As a territorial programme designed specifically for conflict-affected areas in eastern Ukraine, the United Nations Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme is focused on the main priority needs for stabilisation, peace development, economy and governance in eastern Ukraine after the outbreak of the conflict. It takes into account the opportunities provided by the Minsk Protocol dated September 2014 and revival of its cease-fire provisions and is fully adapted to create a link between humanitarian and developmental needs.

The Programme activities are grouped according to the following key components of the Programme, which reflect the priority needs of the region:

Component I: Economic Recovery and Restoration of Critical Infrastructure;

Component II: Local Governance and Decentralisation Reform;

Component III: Community Security and Social Cohesion.

One of the most important peacebuilding strategies in Ukraine is to address the needs of men and women ex-combatants of ATO / JFO as one of the largest vulnerable groups. As of today, there are 400,000 ATO/JFO veterans in Ukraine. All of them are entitled to receive high-quality reinsertion and reintegration services: medical, psychological, and social.

There are nearly 400,000 demobilized men and women in Ukraine (those who received a certificate of participation in Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO), or as of April 2018 – Joint Forces Operation (JFO), who require support in their return to civilian life. Reintegration is the process by which ex-combatants acquire civilian status and gain sustainable employment and income. It is essentially a social and economical process with an open time frame. Even though the reintegration, primarily taking place in communities at a local level, it is linked to overall policies and programmes existing at regional and national levels. To enhance a more structured and sustainable reintegration mechanisms at local and regional levels, UNDP is looking for an international Individual Consultant. The Consultant will i) consolidate good practices regarding ex-combatants’ reintegration in similar contexts, ii) support work of Local Consultants who develop draft regional strategies on veteran reintegration in Ukraine, and iii) provide expert support to UNDP and to the line ministry.

Duties and Responsibilities


In collaboration with the National Consultants on delivering recommendations to develop regional reintegration strategies, the International Consultant is expected to:

  • Make an overview of existing approaches to ex-combatants’ reintegration in general and by specific area and provide analysis of concrete cases from relevant contexts.
  • Provide recommendations and support National Consultants (to be hired by UNDP) who develop draft regional strategies on veteran reintegration in Ukraine.
  • Consult UNDP and the Ministry of Veteran Affairs in planning and programmatic work.


The International Consultant will analyze global approaches to reintegration of veterans’ and related groups; will obtain and draw conclusions from the policy frameworks which enable certain reintegration programmes, activities, i.e., local policies, national policies; will study and will draw conclusions from the context and processes that led to adoption of policies, frameworks etc.; will analyze existing transition programmes for veterans; if necessary, will interview online key informants to gain more insights into the context of other countries; on ongoing basis provide practical inputs, recommendations to National Consultants who are working on the recommendations to the regional strategies development; present work results to UNDP and stakeholders.

Detailed requirements to the assignment coordination:

- Together with UNDP and Local Consultants, agree on the workplan and assignment timeline.

- Together with UNDP and Local Consultants, agree on the format of final report. The final report outline must include but is not limited to the general overview section, overview of various approaches and models to systematic work with ex-combatants (including (IDDR) in other contexts, transition programmes overview section, recommendations. The Consultant must include these sections but may develop more sections depending on her approach.

- Systematise and make a general overview of existing approaches worldwide to working with veterans in other contexts – what general approaches are there, what are legal and political frameworks; this part should include an overview of national and regional policies enabling reintegration programmes, or tools, or projects etc., overview an institutional capacity enabling reintegration programmes, tools, projects etc., timeframes, resources etc.; this overview may include DDR programmes and tools, as well as offer other approaches to reintegration of veterans.

- Present systematized information to UNDP (one online meeting): organize a brief online presentation and discussion before proceeding to the detailed work (meting organization stays with the consultant).

- Coordinate with and consult National Consultants who will work on the recommendations to design regional reintegration strategies for ATO and JFO ex-combatants in Ukraine; participate or proactively organize minimum 5 online meetings with the National Consultants; support the Consultants when required with inputs and lessons drawn from the work of international consultant.

- Provide recommendations to the Local Consultants on the good practices that could be possibly contextualized in Ukraine.

- Provide recommendations to the Ministry of Veterans Affairs representatives on the good practices that could be possibly contextualized in Ukraine.

- Present a progress report to the UNDP and to the Local Consultants; this should be an online presentation (one online meeting). As a deliverable, Progress report should be presented after the above mentioned steps are accomplished.

- Consult with the Ministry of Veterans during the entire assignment and specifically regarding focus of chapter on the military to civilian life transition programmes (minimum 5 online meetings, UNDP will assist in organising the meetings).

- Present to the Ministry of Veterans affairs information about the military to civilian life transition programmes (one online presentation, UNDP will assist in organising the meeting).

- Write a report on findings and conclusions; the report should include at least the following topics, general overview, DDR overview, transition programmes overview, and detailed discussion on specific cases; practical recommendations of adapting good practice in Ukrainian context if relevant; design and layout of the report should be covered by the consultant.

- Present final report to UNDP (one online meeting) and clear the report with the communications unit regarding specific terminology. Edit final report according to the feedback.

- Present final report to the stakeholders (online). Prepare brief slides. The final report should not exceed 50 pages (one online meeting). Final report should be ready for publishing.

- Prepare a set of documents that were collected during the assignment and are relevant to further deep dive in the topic (e.g., legislation, policies, strategies, etc.); organize information in structured manner for easy future reference.

In more detail, requirements to the report content:

- Provide detailed overview of reintegration approaches (may be done on a country basis) in similar contexts: cover from 5 to 10 different cases from relevant to the Ukrainian context (matching at least a criteria of an ongoing conflict); at least two cases from the list should reflect various IDDR approaches specifically; cases overview should also include analysis of legal basis and policy frameworks that enabled certain approaches, monitoring and evaluation, what worked and what did not. In this section, the Contractor should give clear cause and effect analysis of legal, policy, strategy frameworks and approach on the ground.

- Briefly research and analyze specifically DDR processes in other contexts – preconditions, to (I)DDR processes in place, results, and impact, what worked and what did not.

- In more detail, research and analyze specifically existing military to civilian transition programmes for veterans.

- If applicable, organize online interviews with relevant informants to collect up to date information and insights on situation.


Over the course of the contract period, the international consultant is expected to provide the following outputs:

  • Work plan indicating consultant’s approach to the assignment and the timeline (may be displayed as Gantt chart or similar) and the final report anticipated structure.
  • Progress report, that should include draft documents at the time being, and should outline a progress by the workplan and the timeline. The progress report should be no less that 5 pages (not counting draft documents at the time being).
  • If applicable, interview summaries of interviews with key informants. The interview summaries should be submitted in word format clearly indicating questions, date, and interviewee bio).
  • Presentation plan of final report overview to the stakeholders (online); the presentation plan as a presentation in *ppt format will suffice. The presentation should be not less that 5 slides.
  • A set of the key documents obtained during the assignment (compiled at the end of the assignment).
  • Final report document, with a design and layout, cleared by UNDP communications unit, designed and ready for publishing. The final report should be not less that 20 pages.


The international Consultant will work under the overall guidance of Community Security and Social Cohesion Component Lead and report to Community Mobilization Officer (direct supervisor). Payments will be made in stages according to the proposed payment schedule below.

The Consultant will provide the necessary human resources to conduct an assignment successfully and will be in regular direct contact with the UN RPP representatives. The UN RPP representatives will review subsequent products of the assessment on various stages as per 'Deliverables and project implementation schedule' table. The UN RPP representatives will approve deliverables prior the start of work on the next deliverables. The Consultant should be guided by the work scope and what tasks should be reviewed and agreed with the UN RPP.

If needed, the UN RPP may provide specific support with the following:

- cover letters for formal requests.

- external communications review.

- provide necessary outer communication materials.

The Consultant should adhere to "Do no harm" principle, work ethics, transparency, cost-effectiveness, collaboration, participatory approach, confidentiality. In conducting this assignment, the Consultant should consider UNDP experience, local and international, in support of reintegration of ex-combatants.

The Consultant should ensure the reference to the UN RPP and the European Union in all created products. Regarding visibility practicalities, the Consultant will be consulted by the UNDP Communications Department.

The Consultant must adhere to the monitoring, evaluation, and quality control system implemented by the UN RPP. The Consultant should provide the necessary information, methodologies, reports, communication products, completed tasks and deliverables in line with the schedule or as soon as possible (within a reasonable time). The workflow between the Consultant and the UN RPP direct supervisor will be organized through the task manager and planning tools.

All documents transmitted electronically (formats of: * .docx, * .xlsx, * .pptx, * .pdf) on electronic source or in the form of electronic communication. Documents should be written in English. Each document should be written in Proxima Nova, 11 font size, 1 line and paragraph spacing.


Below is a description of the % of the total budget will be paid after receipt of the following outputs:


Task Description

Delivery date


Work plan, assignment timeline and report structure, * .docx format.

Not later than 1 week after the contract is signed


**Progress Report***,* * .docx format.

Not later than 1 month after the contract is signed


Final report, * .docx and *.pdf formats.

Not later than 2 months after the contract is signed

Proposed payments schedule:

UNDP will pay the negotiated amount in 3 tranches as per delivery of outputs outlined above. Below is a description of the % of the total budget will be paid after receipt of the following deliverables:

Deliverable 1 – 45% of the agreed payment

Deliverable 2 – 40% of the agreed payment

Deliverable 3 – 15% of the agreed payment

The UN RPP shall pay the negotiated contract fees for the services within 30 days after delivering and agreed by the UN RPP. The payments will be processed upon the full completion and acceptance of contractual obligations, which point to the Component Lead signs acceptance certification.



Core technical competencies of the Consultant:

  • Core Government functions
  • Core local authorities’ function
  • Reintegration of Ex-Combatants (DDR)
  • Integrated Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration.

Core functional competencies:

  • Strategic and system thinking
  • Knowledge generation
  • Partnerships management
  • Communication
  • Working with evidence and data.

Core behavioural competencies:

  • Achieve results
  • Think innovatively
  • Adapt with agility
  • Act with determination
  • Engage and partner.

Experience and qualifications:

  • Demonstrated previous research and evaluation experience in complex socio-economic settings, at least 1 analytical report based on a research project of similar (this experience clearly reflected in cover letter and / or CV, sample of the report attached or the respective link to the document(s) published to be provided).
  • Minimum of Master's degree in economics, political science, sociology, international relations, anthropology, public administration, development studies or other relevant fields.
  • Minimum 2 years of practice experience in a global area of DDR / IDDRS, stabilization, peace consolidation, reintegration of ex-combatants.
  • Proven excellent written and spoken English language skills.
  • Experience in working with UN agencies and/or other international organizations is desirable.
  • Understanding of Ukraine context will be a strong advantage: should be reflected in the CV or cover letter as practical experience in Ukrainian context.


Applicants should submit the following documents:

  • Cover letter (not more that 0,5 page), focusing on the relevant work experience.
  • Professional portfolio (may be submitted as a CV, not more that 2 pages), and must clearly outline core competencies, skills, and experience relevant to this position.
  • Supporting relevant to the portfolio documents (registrations, certificates, diplomas, published research etc.).
  • At least two brief and recent references from persons who have direct experience with an applicant in a professional field related to the task.
  • Brief and concise (1 page maximum) technical proposal indicating their approach to and understanding of the assignment.
  • Financial proposal (according to defined deliverables and using UNDP template).

Please make sure all requirements that are evaluated for this ToR need to be clearly indicated in the CV or cover letter, and through supporting documents.


Lump sum contract

The financial proposal shall specify a total lump sum amount in USD, and payment terms around specific and measurable (qualitative and quantitative) deliverables. Payments are based upon deliverables, i.e. upon delivery of the services specified in the ToR. In order to assist the requesting unit in the comparison of financial proposals, the financial proposal will include a breakdown of this lump sum amount (including travel, per diems, and number of anticipated working days).

Travel costs

All envisaged travel costs must be included in the financial proposal. In general, UNDP should not accept travel costs exceeding those of an economy class ticket. Should the Individual Consultant wish to travel on a higher class she/he should do so using their own resources. In the case of unforeseeable travel, payment of travel costs including tickets, lodging and terminal expenses should be agreed upon, between the respective business unit and Individual Consultant, prior to travel and will be reimbursed.

Required Skills and Experience


1. Minimum 2 years of practice experience in a global area of DDR / IDDRS, stabilization, peace consolidation, reintegration of ex-combatants, reflected in the CV or cover letter.

1a) More than 5 years – 16 points

1b) 4-3 years – 14 points

1c) 2 years – 12 points.

2. Demonstrated in the CV or cover letter previous research and evaluation experience in complex socio-economic settings, example of at least 1 analytical report provided:

2a) 4 and more analytical reports - 16 points

2b) 3-2 analytical reports – 14 points

2c) 1 analytical report – 12 points.

3. Education:

3a) PhD in law, social studies, economics, business management or related field – 12 points,

3b) Master’s degree in law, social studies, economics, business management or related field – 10 points.

4. Understanding of Ukraine context or similar contexts through work experience (clearly reflected in the CV or cover letter):

4a) Understanding of Ukraine context or other similar contexts through work experience – 4 points

4b) Understanding of Ukraine context or similar contexts is not indicated in the CV or cover letter = – 0 points

5. Experience in working with UN agencies and/or other international organizations – 2 points, Experience only with other entities (national governments, national non-government organizations) – 2 points.

No such an experience - 0 points

6. Technical proposal based on the ToR requirements:

6a) indicating the approach to and understanding of the assignment indicated in this ToR, shows in-depth understanding of the task, accommodating this ToR scope of work, and required in this ToR outputs, and understanding of assignment’s timeframes – 20 points.

6b) Technical proposal accommodates all scope of work indicated in this ToR, and required ToR outputs, and understanding of assignment’s timeframes indicated in this ToR - 18 points.

6c) Technical proposal demonstrates some understanding of the task and accommodates some scope of work indicated in this ToR – 16 points.

6d) Technical proposal does not accommodate scope of work indicated in this ToR, however, shows some understanding of the task outlined in this ToR – 15 points.


Cumulative analysis

Contract award shall be made to the incumbent whose offer has been evaluated and determined as:

a) responsive/compliant/acceptable, and

b) having received the cumulative highest score out of a pre-determined set of weighted technical and financial criteria specific to the solicitation.

* Technical Criteria weight: 70%

* Financial Criteria weight: 30%

Only candidates obtaining a minimum 70% from the maximum available technical score (49 points) would be considered for the Financial Evaluation

The maximum number of points assigned to the financial proposal is allocated to the lowest price proposal and will equal to 30. All other price proposals will be evaluated and assigned points, as per below formula:

30 points [max points available for financial part] x [lowest of all evaluated offered prices among responsive offers] / [evaluated price].

The proposal obtaining the overall cumulatively highest score after adding the score of the technical proposal and the financial proposal will be considered as the most compliant offer and will be awarded a contract.

Maximum available technical score - 70 points.

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