Fundraising for ASCOA`s upcoming second edition of Cameroon Beach Cleanup Day

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ASCOA will be caring out the second edition of Cameroon beach cleanup day in January 2024, during the event, 1000 volunteers will be engaged, and beach cleanup will take place in all the coastline cities in Cameroon. The beach cleanup day would bring the community together to work towards a common goal of protecting the environment. It would provide an opportunity for people to learn about the importance of environmental conservation and take action to make a positive difference. Volunteers will not submit requests for funding on our behalf.

We are looking for 10 online volunteers to help in developing project proposals that fit grantee criteria, and the organization fund for NGOs premium account will be shared with the volunteers. The volunteers will also be asked to help us research potential sources of sponsorship or funding.

Online won't be allowed to contact any third party on our behalf.

Knowledge in proposal drafting, fundraising, and environmental protection, good research skills, good writing and communication skills, etc.

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