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IRC - The International Rescue Committee

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The IRC is currently seeking a Service Provider - Finance Clerk. As a Finance Clerk specializing in scanning and filing, he /or she will ensure that the organization's financial documents are accurately digitized and organized. The attention to detail and organizational skills shall contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of the finance department's operations.


- Utilize scanning equipment to convert physical financial documents into digital formats. - Ensure scanned documents are of high quality and legible. - Organize scanned documents in a systematic manner for easy retrieval. - Maintain an orderly filing system for both physical and digital documents. - Properly label and categorize documents for quick and accurate retrieval. - Ensure compliance with record-keeping policies and regulations. - Provide general administrative support to the finance department. - Assist during the audit process


- Expected hours to work: 40 hours per week.


- Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Advanced Diploma in Accounting from a recognized college/institution (or equivalent). - Effective communication skills, both written and verbal. - Fluency in English and Arabic. - Ability to prioritize among multiple tasks. - Ability to work in a stressful environment.


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