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This is a IICA-2 contract. This kind of contract is known as International Individual Contractor Agreements. It is normally internationally recruited only. It's an external contract. It usually requires 5 years of experience, depending on education. More about IICA-2 contracts.

Background Information - Job-specific

UNOPS Somalia Country Office (SOCO) exciting career opportunity “UNOPS plays a critical role in providing management services for our life-saving, peace building, humanitarian and development operations. I have seen many examples of how these activities help suffering people in troubled parts of the world.” -Ban Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary-General

UNOPS mission is to expand the capacity of the UN system and its partners to implement peace building, humanitarian and development operations that matter for people in need.

Working in some of the world’s most challenging environments, UNOPS vision is to always satisfy partners with management services that meet world-class standards of quality, speed and cost effectiveness.

By assisting UN organizations, international financial institutions, governments and other development partners, UNOPS makes significant, tangible contributions to results on the ground. UNOPS is committed to achieving a truly diverse workforce.

Background Information: Somalia

Somalia is amid major new political and security developments that will offer a greater possibility for peace and security than the country has seen in over 20 years. The Federal Government of Somalia (FGS), established in 2012, and international community have driven a process of rebuilding of functioning government institutions and processes through Somalia’s peacebuilding and state-building priorities under the Somali Compact (2013-2016), based on the Busan “New Deal for Engagement in Fragile States” agreement. The Somalia National Development Plan (2017-2019), builds on this foundation laid by the Compact and sets the priorities for national recovery and development in full collaboration with national and regional governments. A landmark electoral process in late 2016 and early 2017 resulted in a peaceful transfer of power to a new President and government, in place since February and March 2017 respectively. The government has set out an ambitious agenda for its term (the period to 2021). At the London Somalia Conference in May 2017, a Security Pact was agreed by Somalia and the international community, which will allow for sustainable, long-term security based on mutual accountability.

The functional objective of UNOPS in Somalia is to deliver projects in an efficient and effective manner, to achieve the development outcomes sought by the Government of Somalia and the donor community. The aim of UNOPS in Somalia is to provide implementation services to the Government of Somalia, the donor community and partner agencies in the reconstruction and development of the country. In doing so, UNOPS aims to exceed client expectations in the delivery of quality services throughout the country.

Background Information: Somalia Country Office (SOCO)

Located in Mogadishu, Somalia, the Somalia Country Office manages a growing portfolio of engagements. SOCO works with multiple partners including the Governments of Somalia, bilateral and multilateral donors, United Nations agencies, funds and programmes.

SOCO is largely focused on assisting partners with the implementation of physical infrastructure projects including construction and rehabilitation of rule-of-law infrastructure, transport infrastructure (roads, airports) and public administration infrastructure.

Purpose and Scope of Assignment:

The Field Security Advisor will be based in Mogadishu, Somalia and s/he will be responsible for the the following duties:

  1. Advisory and Technical;
  2. Operations;
  3. Personnel /Staff Development;
  4. Team Management;
  5. Knowledge Building and Knowledge Sharing.

Functional Responsibilities

Under the direct supervision of the Country Director, the Senior Field Security Advisor will be based in Mogadishu, Somalia and s/he will be responsible for the following duties: Summary of Key Functions:

  • Advisory and Technical
  • Operations
  • Personnel /Staff Development
  • Team Management
  • Knowledge Building and Knowledge Sharing

Advisory and Technical - Advise the Country Director and all UNOPS personnel under the United Nations Security Management System on all safety and security-related matters and the possible impact on project design, implementation and funding; - In line with UN Security Management System methodology, policies, and procedures, develop as required security risk assessments outlining potential threats, risks levels and recommended mitigation strategies for the office and project implementation/operations taking into consideration relevant and existing assessments;


  • Make substantive safety and security recommendations in line with UN and industry best practice enabling project implementation without compromising UNOPS personnel safety and security;
  • Act as OIC Security Advisor when the Senior FSA is out of country. The Field Security Advisor will assist the Senior Field Security Advisor and therefore operate within the framework of the UN Security Management System and coordinate directly with the local UNDSS office;
  • As the Single Agency Security Officer operate within the framework of the UN Security Management System and coordinate directly with the local UNDSS office and the Security Cell;
  • In addition to liaising with UNDSS and members of the security cell, ensure that appropriate and effective coordination is maintained with other UN security officers and other regional security services so as to enhance coordination and implementation of the security arrangements across the respective Operation Centre;
  • Report all security-related incidents across Somalia that may have an impact on UNOPS’ projects or programmes to the Country Director;
  • In support of the country Director and Senior FSA, manage UNDSS and UNOPS evacuation and extrication policies ensuring a smooth and efficient evacuation of UNOPS staff
  • Adapt and implement security policies, protocols and procedures for local conditions, consistent with the UN Security framework;
  • Establish security as an integral part of Somalia’s programme and budget planning and operations, in particular for effective delivery of projects;
  • Submit monthly reports to the management on security issues and performance to the annual work plan/budget;
  • Review all new project proposals from a security perspective and provide comments to ensure security concerns are addressed. Conduct field assessments if deemed necessary;
  • Brief all new personnel/project managers on security concerns specific to their projects;
  • Review all aspects of convoy procedures and medical evacuations as relevant;
  • Review security arrangements for all field offices in the Somalia and maintain copies of all the relevant instructions such as security and evacuation plans;
  • Ensure personnel adherence and compliance to the various UN security advisories as issued by the Designated Official, in particular: compliance with the United Nations Security Management System Security Policy Manual, UNSMS guidelines and SOPs, as well as other security communications from the UNSMS system and UNOPS headquarters;
  • Maintaining up-to-date instructions for personnel of the precautions they should take in relation to the implementation of security plans, including a comprehensive listing of emergency supplies they should have on hand and guidance on action taken during emergencies, including natural disasters and political crises;
  • Reporting all cases in which personnel of the organization have been involved in a security incident and submitting the required reports on such cases to the Country Director and UNOPS Chief of Security;
  • Ensure by supervising the process, that timely submissions of personnel travel security clearance requests are carried out;
  • Perform security assessments, both routine and exceptional, as required, to ensure optimal safety standards are in place for personnel traveling across the area of operation;
  • Maintain accurate multi-sourced country files on current and projected-security issues (assessments, security plans, etc.) and brief the necessary personnel across the region when required;
  • Define, manage and account for the use of security equipment including communications equipment
  • Ensure that safety and security is a core component of all programmes at the duty station and that appropriate funding is provided based on actual needs;
  • Must be contactable/on call 24/7 to assist in all security issues (including traffic accidents) in relation to UNOPS projects and staff;
  • Keep in close contact with and share information with the UNOPS Chief of Security at HQ.

Staff and Personnel Development****:

  • Develop and deliver personnel and staff development and training programmes for UNOPS Personnel on Security Risk Assessments within the area of operation.
  • Ensure that all UNOPS personnel receive briefings upon arrival, local security training as necessitated by changes in the security environment, and are kept informed of matters affecting their security.
  • Provide heightened security awareness training to staff, beyond the required security and emergency procedures, if necessary;
  • Maintain up-to-date instructions and training for personnel on implementation of security plans. including required precautions, comprehensive listing of emergency supplies and guidance on action taken during emergencies, including natural disasters and political crises.

Team Management:

  • Facilitate the engagement and provision of high quality results and services of the team supervised through effective recruitment, work planning, performance management, coaching, and promotion of learning and development.
  • Provide oversight, ensuring compliance by team members with existing policies and best practices.

Knowledge building and knowledge sharing:

  • Organize, facilitate and/or deliver training and learning initiatives for Business Unit personnel on Security related topics.
  • Lead and conduct initiatives on capacity development and knowledge building for Security personnel, including network development, plans, learning plans and activities, procurement practice information and best practice benchmarking.
  • Oversee team’s contributions to Security knowledge networks and communities of practice including collaborative synthesis of lessons learnt and dissemination of best practices in Security.
  • Guide team’s collection of feedback, ideas, and internal knowledge about processes and best practices and utilize productively.

Education/Experience/Language requirements

A. Education

  • Master’s Degree in Social or Political Science, Law, Public Administration, Business Management or Security management or other relevant discipline is required.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Social or Political Science, Law, Public Administration, Business Management or Security management with a combination of two (2) additional years of relevant professional experience may be accepted in lieu of the advanced university degree.
  • Technical/Professional Diploma in Civilian Police/Military with a combination of four (4) additional years of relevant professional experience may be accepted in lieu of the advanced university degree.
  • Substantial experience in civilian police/the military may be accepted in lieu of formal education;


  • UNDSS Security Certification Programme (SCP) is highly desirable but will be required 1 year after joining.

B. Work Experience

  • A minimum of five (5) years’ relevant experience of progressively in international security management in security and justice reform and/or conflict management programmes is required.
  • Direct experience with the United Nations Security Management System is a strong advantage.
  • Demonstrated experience and exposure in the international security arena dealing with security-related issues is an asset.
  • Experience in handling emergency, security-related situations is highly desirable;
  • Experience of working in East Africa is desirable;
  • Knowledge of the UN system and familiarity with UNOPS procedures an advantage;
  • Ability to produce Standard Operating Procedures/Security Risk Assessments/Security Plans in accordance with UNDSS methodology is an asset;
  • Knowledge of UN rules & procedures is desirable.
  • Experience/knowledge of web-based applications and Google Suite products, especially google forms, sheets, docs and slides is an asset.

C. Language Requirements:

  • Fluency in English Language (i.e. written, reading and speaking) is required;

D. Key Competencies and Skills:

  • Diligence, attention to detail, a keen sense of work priorities and resourcefulness in obtaining and researching important information:
  • Knowledge of the mechanisms for the identification and mitigation of security threats and risks;
  • Proven ability to operate in physically and mentally demanding environments globally;
  • In-depth understanding of project and risk management;
  • Successful completion of trauma (first-aid) training, or a willingness to requalify;
  • Driving license and high standard of driving competence including Armored Vehicles;
  • Excellent team player;
  • Capable of working in a multi-national/cultural environment;
  • Reliable and able to work under pressure;

Additional Considerations

  • Please note that the closing date is midnight Copenhagen time
  • Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.
  • Only those candidates that are short-listed for interviews will be notified.
  • Qualified female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • Work life Harmonization - UNOPS values its people and recognizes the importance of balancing professional and personal demands. We have a progressive policy on work-life harmonization and offer several flexible working options. This policy applies to UNOPS personnel on all contract types.
  • ****Mogadishu** is a Non-Family Duty Station**.
  • UNOPS seeks to reasonably accommodate candidates with special needs, upon request.
  • UNOPS reserves the right to appoint a candidate at a lower level than the advertised level of the post.
  • The incumbent is responsible to abide by security policies, administrative instructions, plans and procedures of the UN Security Management System and that of UNOPS. It is the policy of UNOPS to conduct background checks on all potential recruits/interns.

    Recruitment/internship in UNOPS is contingent on the results of such checks.

Contract type, level and duration

  1. Contract type:International Individual Contract Agreement (IICA)
  2. Contract level: IICA-2 /ICS 10
  3. Contract duration: Open-ended, subject to organizational requirements, availability of funds and satisfactory performance.

For more details about the ICA contractual modality, please follow this link:


Develops and implements sustainable business strategies, thinks long term and externally in order to positively shape the organization. Anticipates and perceives the impact and implications of future decisions and activities on other parts of the organization.(for levels IICA-2, IICA-3, LICA Specialist- 10, LICA Specialist-11, NOC, NOD, P3, P4 and above) Treats all individuals with respect; responds sensitively to differences and encourages others to do the same. Upholds organizational and ethical norms. Maintains high standards of trustworthiness. Role model for diversity and inclusion.

Acts as a positive role model contributing to the team spirit. Collaborates and supports the development of others. For people managers only: Acts as positive leadership role model, motivates, directs and inspires others to succeed, utilizing appropriate leadership styles. Demonstrates understanding of the impact of own role on all partners and always puts the end beneficiary first. Builds and maintains strong external relationships and is a competent partner for others (if relevant to the role). Efficiently establishes an appropriate course of action for self and/or others to accomplish a goal. Actions lead to total task accomplishment through concern for quality in all areas. Sees opportunities and takes the initiative to act on them. Understands that responsible use of resources maximizes our impact on our beneficiaries. Open to change and flexible in a fast paced environment. Effectively adapts own approach to suit changing circumstances or requirements. Reflects on experiences and modifies own behavior. Performance is consistent, even under pressure. Always pursues continuous improvements. Evaluates data and courses of action to reach logical, pragmatic decisions. Takes an unbiased, rational approach with calculated risks. Applies innovation and creativity to problem-solving. Expresses ideas or facts in a clear, concise and open manner. Communication indicates a consideration for the feelings and needs of others. Actively listens and proactively shares knowledge. Handles conflict effectively, by overcoming differences of opinion and finding common ground.

Background Information - UNOPS

UNOPS is an operational arm of the United Nations, supporting the successful implementation of its partners’ peacebuilding, humanitarian and development projects around the world. Our mission is to help people build better lives and countries achieve sustainable development.

UNOPS areas of expertise cover infrastructure, procurement, project management, financial management and human resources.

Working with us

UNOPS offers short- and long-term work opportunities in diverse and challenging environments across the globe. We are looking for creative, results-focused professionals with skills in a range of disciplines.


With over 4,000 UNOPS personnel and approximately 7,000 personnel recruited on behalf of UNOPS partners spread across 80 countries, our workforce represents a wide range of nationalities and cultures. We promote a balanced, diverse workforce — a strength that helps us better understand and address our partners’ needs, and continually strive to improve our gender balance through initiatives and policies that encourage recruitment of qualified female candidates.

Work life harmonization

UNOPS values its people and recognizes the importance of balancing professional and personal demands.

Background information - AFR

Africa Region

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Africa Region supports UNOPS country offices in the region, providing financial oversight of projects, procuring goods and services and managing human resources. AFR helps ensure that projects are executed to the highest standards, providing a shared knowledge base and ensuring that best practices and lessons learned are disseminated between projects across the entire region.

Somalia Country Office:

UNOPS Somalia Country Office (SOCO) has had a solid and continuous in-country expert presence successfully implementing programs since the mid-1990s, where it is currently undertaking various projects and initiatives in close collaboration with the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS), Federal Member States (FMS) and partners from the global donor community. UNOPS’ projects in Somalia focus on several key sectors that include infrastructure development, institutional capacity building, project management, advisory services, and procurement services. These projects cut across multiple sectors, including education, healthcare, national security, law enforcement, immigration services, justice, transport, and public works among others. UNOPS work in Somalia is geared towards driving growth and development in the country, a process that requires developing a close relationship with the FGS and the other development partners.

Through its involvement in Somalia’s development process, UNOPS is providing transparent and accountable solutions in the country’s state and nation-building process. In addition, UNOPS is also committed to implementing the United Nations Strategic Framework Somalia 2017 – 2020, with the aim of helping Somalia achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. UNOPS work within the context of these commitments means that the projects it implements in Somalia are specifically designed to provide long-term solutions in the country, leading to sustainable and inclusive growth.

What drives us is a passion to fight inequalities and to provide opportunities to those most vulnerable. This means we often work in the most challenging environments, building foundations for communities to function and people to live with dignity and respect.

To succeed here, he/she need to be able to combine creativity with the organizational skills to manage numerous different projects to tight deadlines simultaneously, as well as working with the different units to meet their expectations.

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