Establishment of Telecom and Digital Transformation Regulation Authority in Yemen

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Result of Service - The report prepared should be in Arabic and in electronic format. - The report submitted should not be less than 30 pages. - A 2 to 4 pages executive summary of the report.

The completed parts should be edited and saved in MS-Word (*.docx file) or an alternate compatible format. PDF format will not be accepted. It should include a table of contents to be automatically updated followed by a list of all tables and figures. The various parts - MTIT and ESCWA shall review the first draft of the submitted legislation and send its comments and suggestions for improvements to the consultant 2 weeks later. - The consultant shall review and incorporate the comments and suggestions made by MTIT and ESCWA into a revised version of the legislation and submit it to ESCWA 2 weeks later. - MTIT and ESCWA shall review the second draft of the submitted legislation and send its comments and suggestions for improvements to the consultant 2 weeks later. - The consultant shall review and incorporate the comments and suggestions made by MTIT and ESCWA into a revised final version of the legislation in addition to a Project report and submit it to ESCWA 2 weeks later. The report is considered final after incorporating discussions outcomes from the national related workshop (if any) and comments during the review process.

Work Location Beirut

Expected duration 14 weeks

Duties and Responsibilities General Scope

The adoption of digital technologies and their continued proliferation into different types of institutions has necessitated the development and implementation of cyber legislation. There are notable experiences in the Arab region of countries working on developing their cyber laws; however, the introduction of new electronic applications continuously challenges the current legal framework. To fully benefit from the vast opportunities made available by these emerging technologies, and to minimize the illicit and illegal use of cyberspace, Arab countries need to update their legislative framework to meet the requirements that were brought forth by the digital age.

UN-ESCWA implemented a project entitled “Regional Harmonization of Cyber Legislation to Promote the Knowledge Society in the Arab World” between 2009 and 2012.The project aimed at enhancing regional integration as well as strengthening the legislative capacity and promoting the development of the ICT sector in the Arab region .One of the most notable outputs of the project was the UN-ESCWA Cyber Legislation Directives designed in collaboration with experts in the field to assist Arab countries in the development of national cyber laws and to harmonize cyber legislation on a regional level.

Countries of the region continue to express interest in receiving UN-ESCWA’s advisory services on cyber legislation. Most recently, the Ministry of Telecoms and Information Technology (MTIT) in Yemen requested UN-ESCWA’s assistance in developing a proposal to establish the Telecoms and Digital Transformation Regulatory Authority (TDRA) in Yemen.

The consultant shall coordinate with the designated ESCWA focal point taking into account the following sections:

  • Review best international and regional practices in developing TDRAs (at least 2 international cases and 3 regional cases including the United Arab Emirates) for the purpose of drafting the enabling legislation.
  • Review the current law on Telecoms and other related legal documents in Yemen (as provided through ESCWA).
  • Summary of the findings from the meetings conducted with the main stakeholders and recommendations.
  • Suggest legal and regulatory framework of TDRA in Yemen.
  • Develop the main tasks and responsibilities of the suggested TDRA.

In addition, the consultant would also ensure the following activities:

  • Present the draft framework in an online meeting with MTIT and capture the main comments and findings of the discussions to be agreed upon between MTIT and ESCWA.
  • Update the draft proposal according to all received feedback and comments during the reviewing process by ESCWA and MTIT. ESCWA promotes gender equality and integration of youth through its publications and therefore the consultant should pay attention, with the help of ESCWA staff, to gender considerations and youth dimension throughout the research work and thereby ensure that the narrative language should be gender sensitive.

    Qualifications/special skills A Bachelor’s degree in law or any other related field is required. A high-level degree such as a Master or Ph.D. is highly preferable. A minimum of five years of experience in the domain of cyber legislation is required.

    Languages Fluency in written and spoken Arabic is required; A good knowledge of English is desirable.


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