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Job Title: Emergency Preparedness and Response Officer

Type of Contract: Service Contract (SC-8)

Unit: Emergency Preparedness and Response

Duty Station: Jakarta Country Office


This is a role assigned at the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) Country Office and is reporting to the Emergency Preparedness and Response (EPR) Activity Manager. The job holder will need to manage the day-to-day activities of the assigned tasks related to EPR and will work independently or with minimum supervision in achieving the deliverables as agreed in the workplan and in alignment to the WFP Country Strategic Plan 2021-2025 and the ProDoc.

Purpose: To lead the implementation of assigned EPR activities by engaging in policy dialogue and development and providing technical assistance to key government and other partners.


Lead the implementation of EPR activities as assigned by the Country Office Management and EPR Activity Manager, focusing on policy dialogue and development as well as provision of technical assistance to the Ministry of Social Affairs. This includes:

  1. Develop and design the Annual Work Plan for providing technical assistance to the Government of Indonesia and other stakeholders, specifically for initiatives related to Community Based Disaster Risk Management, Climate Change, Adaptive Social Protection, Logistics Management, and Cash-based Transfers. This is to be done in reference to the Ministry of Social Affairs’ strategic long-term plan and the agreement document (Project Document/ProDoc) between the Ministry and WFP;
  2. Prepare the quarterly project implementation reports as required by the Ministry of Social Affairs and the annual handover report (BAST) at the end of each implementation year;
  3. Maintain and strengthen WFP’s relationship with the Ministry of Social Affairs and the sub-national Offices of Social Affairs (Dinsos);
  4. Support and mobilize technical assistance to the Ministry of Social Affairs as required in reviewing and developing policies, regulations, standard operating procedures, guidelines, and others, that will enhance sub-national Disaster Risk Management;
  5. Participate in the operations of the National Cluster of Protection and Displacement under the Ministry of Social Affairs’ leadership. This is to ensure WFP’s contribution to the cluster preparedness and response mechanism particularly in supporting the cluster on Community Based Disaster Risk Management, Adaptive Social Protection, Logistics and Linking with the National Logistics Cluster and other relevant clusters;
  6. Advocate and facilitate strategic partnerships between government and non-government partners and professional learning institutions, in developing knowledge management frameworks, including accountability and learning mechanisms specific for the sector expertise of the Ministry of Social Affairs;
  7. Support the identification of potential new funding sources for working with the Ministry of Social Affairs and in reference to the ProDoc. This includes support in providing linkages/networks and proposal development as required;
  8. Manage day-to-day supervision and administration of staff and/or consultants and support the monitoring of budgeting and expenditure, and adhere to regular internal and external reporting requirements;
  9. Support the focal point for disaster monitoring and coordination in providing necessary updates and recommendations to the EPR Activity Manager and/or WFP Management as part of decision-making;
  10. Stay ready for deployment to an emergency response as required;
  11. Perform other related tasks as needed.


  1. Implementation of Kampung Siaga Bencana/Disaster Resilience Villages (KSB) report recommendation plan of action – Setting up District KSBs.
  2. Development and dissemination of 72-hour response standard operating procedures for the Ministry of Social Affairs;
  3. Lessons learned of different Community Based Disaster Risk Management initiatives;
  4. Role out of TAGANA competency-based curriculum at the provincial level;
  5. Role out of Warehouse Manual for the Ministry of Social Affairs;
  6. Lead and facilitate annual events to be attended by WFP such as the Disaster Risk Reduction, World Humanitarian Day, etc
  7. Policy engagement on Review of Disaster Management Law No. 24/2007 and Minister Regulation No. 16/2015 on KSB;
  8. Development of policies that will enhance subnational disaster risk management such as developing provincial disaster risk reduction strategies, incorporating the empowerment of women and youth through encouraging their participation and leadership in emergency preparedness committees;
  9. WFP representation in Cash and Voucher Assistance Working Group Committee;
  10. Strategic engagement in social protection systems adaptive to climate related and other disasters;
  11. ProDoc registration and Annual Handover Certificate (BAST) for Ministry of Social Affairs project implementation;

Deadline of application submission: 14 January 2021

Qualifications & Experience required:

Education: University degree in relevant discipline with demonstrated expertise or equivalent experience. Training in results-based planning, logistics – supply chain management, Disaster risk management and climate change, and Social Protection is an advantage.

Experience: At least five years of relevant professional experience in humanitarian assistance or designing a multi-year programme or strategy at the national and/or international level.

Knowledge & Skills: Proficiency in project management, Windows (MS Word, MS Excel), commodity tracking system experience, SAP software experience. Knowing and understanding humanitarian principles and standards.

Languages: Excellent command of English, ability to conceptualize and draft reports and give presentations in English. Fluency in Bahasa Indonesia.

Female applicants and qualified applicants from developing countries are especially encouraged to apply

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