Emergency - Non-staff - Technical Officer/Development of Financial Sustainability Plan for New Vaccine Introduction - SSA - Grade: (NOC- Step1) - Duty Station: Kampala/Uganda

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The World Health Organization, Uganda Country Office is looking for a qualified and competent Ugandan national to fill the following vacant position:


Uganda has made great gains in scaling up and making available immunization services. The observed improvements in immunization coverage have largely been due to increased investments by government and its partners, GAVI, WHO, UNICEF, CDC and others in immunization. Investment in immunization has increased largely due to the need to accommodate new vaccine introduction. There is also a need to strengthen health systems for immunization especially in the light of disease outbreaks and health emergencies. Currently Government of Uganda is providing resources for traditional vaccines as well as 20% co-financing for new vaccines introduced into the routine immunization system such as Pentavalent, PCV10, HPV, and Rota virus vaccines. However, the evidence shows that even at this rate of co-financing for new vaccines, government has been struggling to meet its co-financing obligations resulting in delays in payments. As concerns about the sustainability of donor financing for health and immunization specifically persist, it is prudent for the country to cost and update the roadmap for new vaccine introduction and to develop strategies for sustainably funding new vaccines to reach and maintain desired coverage.

There are numerous costs involved in the financing of new vaccines. While the price of older vaccines remains stable, new vaccines tend to garner increasingly higher market prices. Experts estimate the cost for a new vaccine entering the market to be approximately USD 700 million. The WHO has emphasized that new vaccines are now high in demand in all countries, thus requiring more efficient and sustainable funding to secure these new vaccines in each country. Governments need to continue to invest in immunization programs as new technologies are developed, and strong outcomes require consistent and ongoing investments.

Given this background, it is necessary to explore several strategies to sustainably finance the implementation of new vaccines introduction in addition to fortifying the availability of vaccines in routine immunization programs. Uganda should prepare for introduction of new vaccines to match the growing innovations that have helped us to address more diseases using vaccines. The overall aim of this financial sustainability plan for new vaccine introduction is to propose avenues through which the government and development partners can generate funds necessary to ensure sustainable financing for new vaccine introduction in Uganda

Purpose/Specific objectives of position

  1. To determine the cost of new vaccine introduction for the proposed antigens by Uganda National Expanded Programme on Immunization (UNEPI).

  2. Re-evaluate and develop guidance on the roadmap for introduction of new vaccines into the routine Programme.

  3. To develop a financial sustainability plan for new vaccine introduction in Uganda.


Through desktop analysis of relevant documents and consultations with key stakeholders, the consultant is expected to carry out the following tasks:

  • Develop and share inception report, outlining the proposed method of work (methodology) to be agreed on with WCO/Uganda.
  • Development of necessary tools including data collection and analysis tool.
  • Data collection and analysis.
  • Report writing and submission of first draft.
  • Review and discussion of draft report.
  • Re-analysis of data/responses to comments.
  • Report finalization.
  • Presentation of results.
  • Final edits to report

Deliverable/Expected outputs

The overarching expected output of this technical assistance is an updated roadmap for introduction of new vaccines and a financial sustainability plan for new vaccine introduction in Uganda. The specific key deliverables include:

  1. Inception report with the proposed method of work (methodology) to be agreed on with WCO/Uganda
  2. Progress report of assignment
  3. Validation meeting report
  4. Final new vaccine introduction (NVI) financial sustainability plan

Qualifications, experience, skills and languages

Educational Qualifications

  • At least a first-degree in economics, statistics, or related degree. A master’s degree will be an added advantage.


  • At least 10 years’ experience in providing technical assistance to countries in developing financial sustainability plans.


  • Strong writing and analytical / costing skills.
  • Capacity to disseminate findings / ability to conduct engagement with key stakeholders.

Languages and level required

  • Excellent knowledge of spoken and written English

Technical Supervision

The consultant, under the direct supervision of the WHO Country Office NPO/HFO with input from IVD unit, will work directly with relevant department of the Ministry of Health (MoH).


Kampala/ Uganda

Remuneration and budget (travel costs excluded)

(NO-C Level - UGX 18,848,333/= Monthly rate. Total for three months is UGX 56,545,000 - equivalent to USD 14,880 @ USD 3800 to USD 1).

Currency: Uganda Shillings

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