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This is a UNV International Specialist contract. This kind of contract is known as International UN Volunteer. It is normally internationally recruited only. More about UNV International Specialist contracts.

 Understands more advanced aspects of primary area of specialization as well as the fun-damental concepts of related disciplines  Continues to seeks new and improved methods and systems for accomplishing the work of the unit  Keeps abreast of new developments in area of professional discipline and job knowledge and seeks to develop him/herself professionally  Demonstrates comprehensive knowledge of information technology and applies it in work assignments

Promoting Organizational Change and Development Level 2: Assisting the individuals to cope with change  Provides counseling and coaching to colleagues who are dealing with change Assists in the development of policies, communications, and change strategies  Performs appropriate work analysis and assists in redesign to establish clear standards for implementation

Promoting Accountability and Results-Based Management Level 2: Input to the development of standards and policies  Provides inputs to the development of organizational standards for accountability and re-sults-based management

Under the overall Guidance and Supervision of the Head of Procurement and Direct supervision of Team Leader/s the IUNV Electrical Engineer will work for the successful and timely completion of below services for the UNDP Service Centre by undertaking the following tasks;

Support project assessments, designs, tendering and contract management • Participate in the UNDP evaluation processes and do quality technical evaluation of the re-ceived bids; • Review Technical specifications of the items part of BOQs and ensure compliance with UNDP procurement standards • Review the specifications provided by the Projects/Government Counterparts and ensure that the specifications conforms with the standard UNDP rules and regulations; • Prepare compliance sheets for various electrical items as and when required; • Develop critical analysis of the required equipment and ensure that the equip-ment/requirement is not favouring any particular brand/model and the specifications are generic in nature; • Participate in the assessment processes of the targeted locations in order to identify the needed plan including the procedures, items and equipment. • Ensure timely review of the received specifications of the required equipment in coordina-tion and cooperation with the technical teams from the Projects • Respond to queries arise from Procurement Review Committee on the technical aspects and provide related answers that could further satisfy the clarification of the Review Com-mittee; • Participate in pre-bid meetings and respond to queries from potential national/international bidders; if related to technical specifications. • Participate in Technical Review meetings for submitted bids and review all bids against the approved technical specifications.
• Supervise all locations where the equipment needs to be installed and provide updates and recommendation to UNDP accordingly as and when required; • Review the additional requirements from the Government authorities and make compara-tive analysis and develop matrix for the additional requirements and make recommenda-tion accordingly. • Follow up and oversee electrical and mechanical works at site preparation and execution of the Works against the provided approved sketch and bill of quantities within the set time frame. • Evaluate, check and verify Contractor’s provided equipment at site and ensure that the equipment meets the requirement; • Report to UNDP any variation made by the Contractors; • Inspect all the materials including cables and connection at site and ensure that the material is of the same standard quoted by the bidders as and when required. • Check materials received at construction/renovation sites against damages, missing parts and appropriate ratings; ensuring that the materials/equipment provided by the Contractor meets UNDP requirement and standards as and when required. • Ensure that Materials/equipment quoted by the Contractor meets accepted requirement and standards. • Discuss site issues with the Contractor and promptly report back to UNDP if a problem arises that requires UNDP input, if required. • Ensure effective and efficient implementation of the project actions and the operations of the outcomes. • Checks and certify substantial progress/completion and the corresponding payments. Ad-vice UNDP to withhold payment for any work which has been rejected or any work which is not in compliance with the contract documents. • Identify any Variation Order as being issued under one at the following categories: i. Variation which alter, amend or delete items contained in the Contract and which varia-tion does not alter the Scope of the Works and is not charged against contingencies and which does not increase the contract value. ii. Variations which increase the Contract value and required the commitment of additional funds and hence require UNDP approval in writing. • Maintain project progress log and issue certificates, notices and instructions in consultation with UNDP to the contractor as may be required by the provisions of the contract require-ments. • Advice UNDP on the value of the works at the date of termination, in the event of the ter-mination of the contract. • Assist UNDP as expert witness in litigation arising from the development or installation of equipment. • Ensure that the Contractor maintain safety on Site and clean the site after the completion of the rehabilitation work. • Review Performance Certificates and provide opinion to proceed with award or otherwise, if required. • Follow up on the preparation of specifications with the respective authorities and verify the specifications and coordinate with relevant Procurement colleague before finalizing the tender document. Project implementation management, monitoring, oversight and reporting • Follow-up with contractors and national engineers overseeing the rehabilitation of electrical and mechanical works at site, where/when possible, ensuring that the preparation and exe-cution of the works are in accordance with the approved bill(s) of quantities and within the established time frame. • Support FFS project team in developing and verifying the Variation Orders VO (if any). • Conduct inspection of materials/equipment’s to be installed at site; if required. • Prepare project bi-weekly reports on activities and provide outcome-level inputs to pro-gramme on monthly/quarterly basis. • Facilitate knowledge building and knowledge sharing on electrical engineering monitoring and evaluation. • Undertake field visits to ensure compliance and timely execution of the planned projects as and when required; • Collaboration and coordination with other UN agencies, government agencies, NGOs, and other organizations on electrical issues. • Develop and design engineering interventions based on the assessment findings and rele-vant risk in coordination with the respective national counterparts. • Support FFS national engineers in the technical evaluation of bids and advice on all electri-cal related issues. • Prepare technical evaluation reports and respond to technical clarifications from UNDP procurement review committees. • Follow up on the preparation of BoQs/technical specifications with the respective counter-parts.

• Integrity and professionalism:
• Accountability
• Commitment to continuous learning
• Planning and organizing
• Teamwork and respect for diversity
• Communication
• Flexibility
• Genuine commitment

Master's degree or equivalent in electrical engineering, or bachelor degree with 2 additional qualifying years may be accepted in lieu of a Master’s degree.

UN personnel in Iraq operate in a volatile security environment. In Erbil, personnel work in secured compound with limited access outside of the city, which usually can only be done with stringent clearances and depending on the destination, a military escort. Erbil is a non-family duty station and is classified as security risk moderate. UN personnel in Erbil live in Minimum Operational Se-curity Standards (MOSS) compliant residences outside of the UN compound.

International personnel operating in Iraq must take online security awareness in the field trainings prior to arrival in Iraq and undertake a mandatory Security Induction Awareness Training (SAIT) immediately upon arrival. The Rest and Recuperation (R&R) cycle in Erbil is 8 weeks, with the designated place of R&R being Amman, Jordan. Currently there are UN flights (UNAMI and UN-HAS) to and from Iraq, covering Iraq, Kuwait and Jordan. There are many international flights to Erbil, Baghdad and Basrah.

There are some ATMs operational in Erbil (Northern Iraq). The dominant currency in use in Iraq is USD. The Iraq dinar is used with an exchange rate of approximately USD 1 = 1,2420 Iraqi dinars. Market is mostly cash-based; both USD and Iraqi Dinar are widely accepted. Payments by credit cards are accepted in limited number of shops. UN personnel need to be culturally sensitive and adjust to the culture of the country.

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