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This is a Professional contract, Grade 2 (NRC) contract. More about Professional contract, Grade 2 (NRC) contracts.

  1. Role and responsibilities

The driver is responsible for safely transporting NRC staff and equipment/materials to approved destinations.

Generic responsibilities

The responsibilities depend to some degree on the existing organizational chart of the Country Office and the size and complexity of the operations. If these responsibilities are not reflecting the reality of the field operations, the COs can adapt the content as long as the structure and style are the same. Details shall be incorporated in the Work- and Professional Development Plan and not be included in the JD.

  1. Transport NRC staff, visitors, documents and goods/materials to designated destinations when officially approved
  2. Ensure the safety and security of the passengers, the goods and the vehicle
  3. Immediately report accidents, breakdowns and needs of repair and general maintenance/service
  4. Respect the local traffic regulations and the NRC logistical/vehicle policies at all times
  5. Maintain the logbook for all trips
  6. Maintain the vehicle in proper operating condition at all times, including keeping the vehicle clean, ensuring enough fuel, checking the technical state etc.
  7. In liaison with the line manager, arrange for repairs and servicing
  8. Ensure the assigned vehicle has all the necessary documents and equipment
  9. Provide logistical support during trainings and workshops

Specific responsibilities

These responsibilities shall be adapted to the particularities of the job location and context, phase of operation, strategic focus and type of programme intervention. This section shall be revised whenever a new employee is hired or the context changes significantly. The line manager drafts the specific responsibilities and sends them to his/her line manager for approval.

  1. Always carry out basic security checks on the vehicles that he/she uses before starting driving and at the end of the day. (Battery water, fuel & oil levels, radiator water, Tire pressure/condition, etc.)
  2. Ensure that the vehicle meets maintenance schedule and should inform the Logistics Officer of any faults as and they occur.
  3. Maintain neat & accurate record of all journeys in the vehicle logbook.
  4. Report immediately any damage or accident to the immediate supervisor/Head of Office /Logistics Manager in Addis Ababa following correct procedures in the case of the accident, incident or complaints.
  5. Ensure that the vehicle is used for NRC approved purposes only.
  6. Keep and respect NRC driver rule and conduct.
  7. Responsible for the collection, storage, transport and final delivery of all goods in his/her vehicle.
  8. Ensure every passenger wears Safety Belt before start driving the vehicle.
  9. No mobile phones are to be answered when driving
  10. The driver should manage his/her time properly and report promptly to work. S/he should also ensure that s/he is adequately rested prior to long journeys
  11. Drivers requiring prescription glasses must wear these at all times when driving
  12. The driver should familiarize him/herself with the local area and planned journey route prior to departure, particularly any security issues to be aware of.
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