Develop an education/training programme for UN Volunteers in Cameroon

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We are looking for a Curriculum Developer/Writer to review, research and develop the training curriculum and materials for the Capacity Development Learning Facility (CDLF) in accordance with the guidelines provided and clearly established policies and procedures. We are also looking for a Training Budget Development Specialist who will work in tandem with the 1st to develop the training budget. Duties will include: - Assist in the development, planning, implementation and review of the capacity building programme in accordance with best practice; - Research and consult with key collaborators in the development of the curriculum; - Assist in the preparation of teaching materials to be sourced/printed and develop the outline with the necessary details to direct the teaching; - Develop learning objectives and goals and review learning objectives. - Develop the overall training budget including contributions from UNV and UNV host entities, in accordance with rules and procedures.

2 online volunteers will be recruited: - The first one will be responsible for the elaboration of the ToR and the training programme: he/she will have to deliver the work after 4 weeks and will have to remain at the disposal of the second one for clarification purposes. - The 2nd will be responsible for the budget preparation: he/she will proceed with the budget preparation on the basis of the ToR and the training programme. The budget should be delivered within 2 weeks. He/she should be familiar with the context and costs in Cameroon. The two volunteers will have to work as a team to ensure coherence between the training programme and the budget.

Develop a capacity building programme around the following aspects in one or separate trainings - Improving skills development through better stress management, organization and work planning; - Supporting the development of a career plan by UNVs through coaching on the development of CVs, cover letters and interview preparation based on competencies and the acquisition of soft skills including personnel management, team and supervisory relations; - Strengthening UNV communication for better impact in local communities; - Promote social education within the youth community.

The activity aims to build the capacity of UN Volunteers to meet the needs of UN agencies for trained and motivated volunteers, but also to meet the needs of UN Volunteers for training to equip them for their current and future positions.

Applicants must have relevant training and experience, i.e. a degree in education or at least 5 years' experience in a related field, preferably with a further 5 years' experience in curriculum development, related budgets and post-training evaluation modules.

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