Customise college website for high school graduates, out-of-postsecondary international volunteers and staffs in Africa

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ASASS - Association pour la Solidarité et l'Assistance Socio-Sanitaire

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ASASS is looking for full stuck website developer-BACK END AFRONT END and Administration of Website to develop website for college and customise existing web, add features, tools, sliders evolutions, CEO Optimization, creating contents, new pages, library kits, carts, buttons, create contents , add library, courses, button, visual images, create pages, make website very attractive, and update it with contents. You will not start from Scratch. There is a website Managed in Stystem software. If you must have some coding skills: HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL , CodeIgniter, PHP 7.x, PHP 5.x, MySQL 5.x, JSON, JavaScript JS, JavaScript, WordPress, etc. Goal is to train High School graduates out-of-school, staff and international online volunteers in Burundi based projects. You setup IT infrastructure, GitLab, Slack, and other Repositories to start customisation per our request. You create new look of RESPONSIVE website.

  • Teaching and training
  • Education policy and planning, curriculum development and teacher training

    ASASS non-profit seems to fail on its mission of ending poverty, spcial injustices. our branches, agencies and office of social services, community centers and projects would close soon due to shortage of highly trained Human Ressources , workforce with high skills and higher grades- Master and Doctorate’s degrees and PHD specialisation into ASASS’s social economic, and Human services. staff and international volunteers contributing locally on site and abroad from various countries, programmes, departments and projects in Burundi, Africa and international communities of supporters and collaborators across the world. But they luck enough knowledge. Consequences and impacts are higher-ASASS would fail to end poverty and violence,fail to promote Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, fail to ensure Sustainable development goals implementation, economic empowerment, healthcare and would fail to overcome gender disparity in public private education for children, especially girls education from kindergarten to postsecondary education and graduates levels such as specialisation and PHD.

  • Volunteers: 4 needed

  • 11-20 hours per week / 20 weeks

    (1) 10 years of website development, especialy Online Learning Frontend Site and Management system (2) WordPress skill and experience. ( links to websites you developed ) (3) Check required coding skills and etc, (4) Avaibale to comimit for 20 Hrs per week 5) Deliver attractive website with all requirements (we will share a file), Links of models to inspire you,

  • Africa

  • English, French
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