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We are looking for one creative volunteer to support our Disaster Risk Reduction project communications team with creating a video animation that will raise awareness on climate induced disaster and foster an effective and informed dialogue on the issue at the regional and global level. By answering the questions “How is climate change contributing to disasters? and outlining the emerging climate disaster risks that are affecting the Bamenda city council area, the animation video aims at giving a better understanding of climate induced disasters focusing on the adaptation measures and approaches that can prevent the negative impacts of climate change induced disasters. The creator will produce a short video animation, approximately 2-3 minutes long. The online volunteer will receive storyboards, brand guidelines and full guidance and support from the CAEPA team.

  • Art and design
  • Arts, music, photography and film

    CAEPA is on the frontline to helping to reduce disaster risk. While CAEPA was founded by women to improve agricultural practices to make them more sustainable, it has expanded its activities to be able to act on a much wider front, as the root causes of the unequal distribution and access to resources is intrinsically linked to many other problems, both environmental, social, and gender-linked. Therefore, it is necessary to tackle the root causes. Bamenda city council area is subject to many disaster risks, causing intense suffering and hopelessness. In the midst of this humanitarian crisis, exacerbated by the Anglophone Conflict, urgent action is needed to improve people’s quality of life and take away the deep-rooted fears of death, violence, injury, and loss of assets, etc. The animated video will help CAEPA's appeal to policy makers and implementers for remediation of the situation of people of Bamenda City area in NW Cameroon.

  • Volunteers: 3 needed

  • 6-10 hours per week / 4 weeks

    Candidates should have solid profiles and experience in animation, film and video, graphic design/illustration. Please provide links to your previous work in your CV. A degree in communications, graphic design or related field is considered an asset.

  • Cameroon

  • English
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