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ASASS - Association pour la Solidarité et l'Assistance Socio-Sanitaire

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You support ASASS’s education fundraising campaigns by writing stories for illustrated books, Design, or illustrate graphics, create characters, design covers, color pages, write news stories, reports, newsletters, UI/UI Design screenshots, create worksheets for students or teachers, 3D/2D animated video, graphics and other educational materials, ressources to be upload in Apps and web. We will ask everyone to download original via affordable paid fee that will sustain ASASS’s projects such as classrooms, feeding kids at school, Health Care Card Aid for women and street children, creating a funds for family and inclusive microfinance, building academy, start-up grants for our income generation activity and to cover operations of ASASS non-profit. You earn UNV certificate and become “life consultant, one of 1000+ Authors of our Digital Library For Interactive Learning in various categories for further products, advices, review impacts, improvements, raise awareness as supporter

  • COVID-19 Response
  • Other communications related experience

    We run a small school center with few children since 2020. But due to covid-19 and its related impacts on economy, the non-profit association face really challenges to run the school center because of shortage of funds. We’d like to fund-raise and collect grants to maintain 500 children to school at School center. We will do that by using many stories books with lessons to inspire creativity, and innovative. We will create "BASE OF FUNDRAISER: YOU AS AUTHORS AT ASASS, A LIFE CONSULTANT" add illustrations and enable people to download books of stories on website and pay a donation. We will use the best selling website such as Amazon and other to collect grants or fundraise as income to be used : covering costs of Annual non-profit operations at the school center, including rented classrooms and stipends for encouraging volunteer teachers and Provide 300 parents of students at our school with a Family Income Business Strengthening Grants to increase profits to be used for feeding kids, family healthcare card, and cover transportation costs from school to home etc.

  • Volunteers: 25 needed

  • 11-20 hours per week / 16 weeks

    1.Experienced in writing Stories for Books, fiction, writing for kids, drama and comedy, fiction, 2.Control of your story direction, character development and plot design 3.DESIGN and ANIMATION EXPERIENCE: Illustrators Software Adobe photoshop CSS, Sketch, etc, UI/UX designer screenshoots, 3/2D Anination, Worksheets materials designer, 4.To record voice of scripts of our videos lessons you need 99 % skills in speaking English or French, or Kirundi, or Swahili, and or other languages 5.etc

  • Burundi

  • English, French, Kinyarwanda
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