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In 2019, UNDP Iraq developed INpoint platform (Mobile Application and Website) which is one of the main components of the UNDP Innovation for Development project implemented in Iraq. INpoint is an online platform to promote youth leadership and effective digital participation in innovation, and entrepreneurship in Iraq. Iraqi youth need a virtual environment to connect and share their innovative ideas with entrepreneurs, communities, investors and various institutions using gamification techniques to enhance knowledge sharing. The platform aims to create a sustainable virtual entrepreneurial ecosystem in Iraq for young entrepreneurs to build their knowledge, skill, and expertise by collecting entrepreneurial actions and patterns in one place. The INPoint platform contains six modules that have been implemented based on the needs of youth and the market. These modules include profiles & news feed, messaging system, team management functionality, e-learning resources, online mentorship opportunities, and a startups database. Currently, the INPoint platform has been fully developed by a specialized software development company and is in the testing phase, preparing for the launch. During this phase, UNDP Iraq intends to perform a series of activities to thoroughly test the platform's features and identify any bugs or functionality errors. Additionally, the organization will assess the user experience and the platform's interface to ensure optimal performance and ease of use. Once the testing phase is completed, UNDP Iraq will enter the launching phase. During this phase, the organization plans to engage various stakeholders from the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Iraq through different activities. The goal is to gradually invite them to register on the platform and contribute to its content creation. Most importantly, UNDP Iraq will begin planning for the platform's handover mechanism to its final destination. Considering these requirements, the UNDP Innovation for Development Project team is actively seeking online volunteers who possess specific expertise in project coordination and logistics support, complemented by a background in business or a solid understanding of how the entrepreneurial ecosystem operates. These volunteers will play a crucial role in closely collaborating with the project team to accomplish various activities throughout the testing and launching phases of the INPoint Platform. The tasks assigned to the online volunteers will involve actively contributing to the success of the testing and launching activities, ensuring smooth coordination, and efficient execution.

We are seeking Online Volunteers to support the UNDP Innovation for Development Project's Team during the activities of testing and launching the INPoint platform where the online volunteers can play a crucial role in promoting the use of the INpoint platform among entrepreneurs, youth, and startups. The online volunteers will work under the guidance and direct supervision of the project team, collaborating with other online volunteers if necessary. The primary responsibilities of the Online Volunteers include: 1- One online volunteer with expertise in projects coordination, management, and stakeholders engagement to support in designing, organizing, and executing the testing and launching activities of INPoint Platform (1 testing event, 1 launching event). 2- The same online volunteer will collaborate with the UNDP project team to develop a mechanism for inviting private sectors, banks, NGOs, startups, and youth to register on the platform. By actively engaging in these tasks, the online volunteers will contribute significantly to the successful testing and launching of the INPoint Platform, enabling the UNDP Innovation for Development Project to fulfill its mission of enhancing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Iraq and supporting the growth and success of aspiring entrepreneurs.

The required skills and experience for the Online Volunteers are: 1- Project coordination and management. 2- Stakeholder engagement and communication. 3- Knowledge of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, specifically in Iraq. 4- Familiarity with digital platforms. 5- Effective communication and coordination. 6- Problem-solving and decision-making. 7- Organizational and time management. 8- Reporting and documentation. 9- Familiarity with digital platforms. 10- Cross-cultural sensitivity. 11- Teamwork and collaboration. While specific experience in working with similar projects or platforms would be beneficial, a combination of the above skills and a willingness to learn and adapt to the project's requirements can also be considered. Preferable a national candidate/ Iraqi Citizen

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