Convert a training syllabus on gender statistics into materials for e-learning

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UN Women is looking for volunteers to help transform training materials (syllabus) into a storyboard to be used for e-learning. The materials in the syllabus pertain to communicating gender data, producing and using gender statistics (see: ). These were developed for face-to-face training, but are now being transformed into e-learning. The e-learning will be used across Asia and the Pacific to train national statisticians and policy makers on how to use gender data to monitor the Sustainable Development Goals. The format of the e-learning will combine dialogue with trainer scenes, and will include online exercises.

  • Teaching and training
  • Other educational, teaching or training experience

    UN Women, in partnership with SIAP, leads the work of the Sub-group on gender statistics training. The group was tasked with developing a training curriculum for statistical training institutes, national statistics offices, and academic institutions to use to facilitate training on gender statistics for SDG monitoring. The group finalized the Training Curriculum in 2020, and it is available here: . Since the onset of COVID-19, face-to-face training was made impossible in many countries. As a result, UN Women is partnering with SIAP and ESCAP to convert some of these modules (not all) into e-learning. The UNV is expected to transform some of the materials into script for e-learning. UN Women then will work with relevant partners to digitalize the content. The final e-learning modules will be used among statisticians, government officials, CSOs and academic institutions across the region, to gain knowledge on how to collect, analyze and use gender data for SDG monitoring and related decision-making. This project is part of UN Women's Flagship Programme "Women Count".

  • Volunteers: 2 needed

  • 20+ hours per week / 8 weeks

- Experience designing and preparing training materials for e-learning is essential (volunteers are encouraged to send links to samples of their work in this regard) - Excellent writing skills in English required - Knowledge of statistics desirable - Knowledge of gender equality, and ideally gender statistics, would be an asset

  • Asia
  • English
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