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Consultancy Needed - Hygiene Promotion Assistant – Waikabubak


Save the Children is a non-governmental organization that promotes children's rights and supports every child in Indonesia to receive quality basic education, be protected from all forms of violence, and ensure that children receive quality health services. Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), is one of Save the Children's interventions through the Sponsorship Program. This program has provided and brought access closer, improved the quality of basic services, increased knowledge and skills, and ensured social and policy support for the fulfillment of children's rights.

Since 2022, Save the Children, through the Sponsorship program, has implemented the Water Program for Sumba program. This program started in Tana Rara Village, Loli District, West Sumba, NTT. In its implementation, the village community supports the construction of facilities in mutual cooperation to foster a sense of ownership of the program. In the end, the use of water will be allocated for the community itself, especially in improving the family economy in fulfilling education, health, and child protection.

The Water for Sumba program is useful and effective in increasing water access for many community groups in the long term and creating opportunities to improve the household economy through piped systems to households. However, to ensure sustainability, the support of a consultant is needed in campaigning health messages aimed at improving the nutritional and health status of vulnerable communities in Sumba Barat Daya and Sumba Barat.

Based on the need for more intensive facilitation in assisting and encouraging all stakeholders in the village to accelerate changes in clean and healthy living behavior, an external collaborator (Hygiene Promotion Assistant) is needed. The External collaborator will work closely with 2 implementing partners, Perkumpulan Stimulant Institute (PSI) and Yayasan Wahana Komunikasi Wanita).

Propose and Objective

  • Facilitate intensive training, mentoring, monitoring of the implementation of the Clean and healthy living behaviour / Perilaku Hidup Bersih dan Sehat (PHBS) 4 Water project areas in Sumba Barat and Sumba Barat Daya (SBD) assisted by the program (BESTARI), in accordance with the agreed program targets.
  • Encourage increased knowledge and changes in people's clean and healthy living behavior as well as awareness of access to clean and safe sanitation facilities in the 4 Water project areas in Sumba Barat and Sumba Barat Daya
  • Strengthen the synergy of support from stakeholders, such as village government, community leaders, community health centers, Posyandu cadres, school institutions and community members in an effort to achieve hygiene promotion in the 4 Water project areas in Sumba Barat and Sumba Barat Daya supported by the program (BESTARI).
  • Ensure close collaboration with partners (e.g. cadres, local mentors, ISP) and stakeholders, including building strong relationships with the Village government


The appointed consultant is expected to provide community assistance in the WASH program in the village, including:

  • Intensive and regular facilitation and assistance related to WASH programs such as PHBS and health campaigns, together with partner organization staff in villages and primary schools led by little doctors, developing IEC materials assisted by the program.
  • 320 HH in 2 villages have access to sufficient, safe water for drinking and other household purposes throughout the year.
  • Parents/caregivers and primary school children in 2 villages are sensitized on hygiene practices through the child-led campaign
  • 320 households in 2 villages have a functioning, sustainable structures.
  • Monitoring and assisting changes in healthy and clean living behavior
  • Ensure that all WASH program processes in the 4 Water project areas and schools supported by the program comply with Save the Children's child protection policy
  • Report on coordination with the village government, Community Health Center and parties related to planning, implementation and recommendations for the WASH program regularly per week to the WASH Specialist
  • Group mentoring reports include achievements, challenges and follow-up plans every month
  • Timesheets and monthly monitoring reports are reported to Save the Children

Consultant Profile and Qualifications

The following are the expected Consultant qualifications:

  • Diploma 3 (D3), preferably Bachelor/S1 majoring in Social Sciences/Economics/Health/Public health/environmental engineering/civil engineering and other relevant majors.
  • Maximum age at the time of registration is 35 years
  • Experienced in implementing WASH programs and community development programs, especially STBM, PHBS, Pamsimas, Sanimas, etc.
  • Have the personal skills and abilities to work with the local government environment and communicate with key people who are related to and care about the development of rural sanitation programs. Experienced with conducting campaigns in Schools and villages to promote health programs.
  • Willing to travel and stay overnight in villages
  • Have a motorized vehicle and a driving license (SIM)
  • Priority is given to applicants who can be role models for the community by practicing clean and healthy living habits (such as implementing the behavior of washing hands with soap at 7 critical points and so on).
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