Consultancy Needed - Business Module Development

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Consultancy Needed - Business Module Development


Yayasan Save the children Indonesia was implementing GrowHer Cocoa Project, funded by GIZ and Mars with implementation consortium are Grow Asia, Mars, Save the Children and PisAgro.

The goal of the GrowHer Cacao program is to improve the rights of women and girls, strengthen their representation in the cocoa value chain, and accelerate access to resources and training for 4,000 women smallholders and entrepreneurs in 2 District such as North Luwu and East Luwu in South Sulawesi. We aim to demonstrate that empowering young women and women from different backgrounds and ages is an essential component of rural economic growth and resilience.

The Project will deliver capacity building and interventions to address harmful or limiting socio-cultural norms. These trainings will upskill women farmers with business and financial skills, good agricultural practices, and collective decision-making power and demonstrate that empowering young women and women from different backgrounds and ages is an essential component of rural economic growth and resilience.

In Specific objectives: one of the main performance indicators is supporting women's socio- economic empowerment, this is important as a strategy to encourage financial literacy. One of the activities that will be developed for women farmers in improving financial management is business.

Through the GrowHer program, Save The Children Indonesia has targeted to increased economic resilience of cacao households by promoting financial literacy at community of farmer level. One of its key activities is by conduct various income generating and business training for VSLA groups that make them can support the economy of cocoa farming families. Save the Children Indonesia is looking an individual consultant to be hired for a short-term period who is expected to develop business module.


This consultancy work is to tailor existing project key messages related to business into design an interesting and friendly readers module for community facilitators to improve their capacities about business and financial management.

The Consultant would be requested to

Completed the work as set out in the above objectives to design and adjust existing modules with the following main content framework. The content of the module including:

  • Title of the topic
  • Set out the objectives.
  • Materials and tools needed.
  • Steps of delivery and important key messages to be comprehend by participants.
  • Use adult learning methods but important to have activities or games or field work to help participants internalize the messages better because using all the five senses and body movement.
  • Ensuring this module is friendly for people who are unable to read and write.
  • Key topics might comprise introduction to entrepreneurship, business ideas, 5 P (people, price, product, promotion, place), planning production, attitude/soft-skills needed as entrepreneur, planning marketing, daily cash book, business model canvas, packaging, planning organization and management, planning business financing, sources of business financing, business plan format, technology: digital marketing and payments; e-commerce (Lazada, Tokopedia, etc.), follow-up plan, business messages with supported facts & figures with reliable resources; skills for facilitators to understand the existing issues and how to contribute to make changes; provide business mentoring/coaching; women’s important role in public to make changes including best practices from other places that related to women and youth economic empowerment;
  • Outline timely section where participants can have chance to practice the knowledge being discussed.


The consultants will be responsible for the following key deliverables, in Bahasa:

  • A module business of training of trainers
  • A flipchart to deliver message of all topics in appropriate content to be used by facilitators/
  • volunteers to educate entrepreneurship to direct beneficiaries.
  • Pre and Post Test
  • Key pointers for Power Point Presentation messages
  • Conduct a trial training of trainers for women and youth leaders to test the modules.

Requirement and Qualifications

Save the Children will hire an independent consultant to conduct development module and TOT Facilitation. The selected consultant should meet following criteria:

  • Bachelor's Degree, preferably in business, economics, agriculture, or community development
  • Extensive experience in assisting UKM establishment and business develop.
  • Good understanding of agriculture communities especially kakao
  • Extensive experience in develop modules or guidelines for field staff.
  • Must be able to capture the local context, for example are culture or characteristic of farmer and women.
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