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Purpose of Activity/Assignment: Provide technical support to the Child Protection Programme in Dadaab and Fafi refugee hosting areas, including contextualizing and incorporating the UNICEF child protection programme within the Garissa County Socio-Economic Development Programme.

Scope of Work: Background

UNICEF Kenya 2018-2022 Country Programme aims to ensure that children, particularly those facing disparity and inequity, have their rights realized through cross-sectoral interventions that address multiple deprivations. One priority area within the child protection component of the Country Programme focuses on children in refugee context, both asylum seekers and within refugee hosting communities. UNICEF aims to strengthen systems for integrated service delivery, ensuring every needy child, irrespective of status, receives required services and support. In aligning with the design of the forthcoming Garissa Integrated Socio-Economic Development Plan (GISEDP) and learning from the Kalobeyei Socio-Economic Development Programme (KISEDP), UNICEF will promote child protection systems strengthening and support strategies on mainstreaming refugee and children on the move programming in the national child protection system.

Programming for the refugee population falls under humanitarian response that is aligned to UNICEF Core Commitment for Children in Humanitarian Crisis and other emergency response policies and procedures. UNICEF Child Protection work in Dadaab Refugee Camp entails partnership with UNHCR and relevant agencies in providing a safe and protective environment for unregistered, unaccompanied, separated and other vulnerable children exposed to risk of harm. UNICEF supports strengthening case and information management implementation for the vulnerable children in Dadaab. Therefore, to ensure effective and efficient service delivery to children, UNICEF seeks to focus on systems strengthening, capacity building for case workers and communities, innovative scale up of the integrated service provision through model by supporting the completion of the investment case for child protection in Garissa County.

Justification The purpose of the Dadaab based consultancy position is to ensure delivery of quality child protection services to refugee and host communities. The consultant will provide technical guidance and oversight to UNICEF child protection implementing partners and contribute towards the work of child protection networks and coordination groups established. Through continued provision of technical support, coaching and mentoring to partners, this function would expand and solidify the gains made so far in child protection programming and would also ensure that emerging child protection issues/concerns are addressed.

The Dadaab refugee complex has a population of 220,519 (UNHCR August 2020) refugees and asylum seekers. Children constitute 57% of the camp population. UNICEF has entered into a partnership with Terre des Hommes Foundation and Save the Children International on provision of child protection services in Dadaab. Beyond the camps, UNICEF Garissa office works with the national and county government in enhancing capacity and support to most vulnerable children in Garissa County. Given the large population of children in the camp and surrounding host community (Dadaab/Fafi Sub-Counties) and complexity of the operation and emerging protection issues, the Child Protection section proposes to engage a consultant to support this work. The consultant will ensure UNICEF child protection programme priorities are successfully implemented, participate in coordination forums and articulate the need for Dadaab camp transition decisions to prioritize the best interest of children, in the light of the Government’s intention towards a progressive camp closure. The work will entail daily contacts and coordination with partners in Dadaab and close coordination with UNHCR Dadaab, the Refugee Affairs Secretariat and the Sub-County Children Officer. The need for dedicated UNICEF child protection capacity for Dadaab has been repeatedly highlighted by a key donor during donor visits.

The design of the Garissa Integrated Socio-Economic Development Programme (GISEDP) acknowledges the social, cultural and economic inter-dependence between the refugee and host community, which also requires technical support to ensure greater integration between the refugee child protection programme and the national child protection system. UNICEF is also engaged in Garissa investment case that has assessed the resources needed for a child protection system that services both refugee and host community. This is another stream of work that requires engagement and coordination at Dadaab level as it will entail consultations with grassroot stakeholders and beneficiaries. Going forward the Consultant will also support and monitor the implementation of the Child Protection component of the PROSPECTS partnership, which also includes the roll-out of the UPSHIFT mentorship programme. This will bring in a new partner to implement this work.

Scope of work

Goals and objectives

Overall management of the consultancy will be under the Head of UNICEF field office in Dadaab. Technical supervision will be provided by the Child Protection Specialist in Garissa Zonal Office and the Child Protection in Emergencies Specialist in Nairobi, with overall technical supervision by the Chief of Child Protection. The position holder will therefore regularly engage with the child protection specialists to ensure the tasks outlined in these terms of reference are successfully implemented within the consultancy timeframe.

As the overall goal, the consultant will ensure that the UNICEF supported child protection interventions result in timely delivery of child protection services in the Dadaab refugee complex and hosting areas and that interventions are technically sound and aligned with UNICEF global guidance.

This assignment will contribute to the realization of UNICEF Kenya Country Development programme priorities, specifically output 3.5 on providing technical support to government and non-governmental partners to adopt risk-informed approaches to emergency preparedness, planning and response to humanitarian needs for children. The function also contributes to UNDAF activity Support children with protection concerns in humanitarian situations through comprehensive case management and adolescent programming.

Activities and Tasks

Delivery of outlined tasks will entail case management and people skills. The position holder will closely work interact with children, their parents and primary caregivers, community volunteers, camp and community level representatives, partner agencies, government, UNHCR and other stakeholders. The consultant will provide overarching technical support to partners and carry out periodic monitoring to identify and address emerging child protection needs. The consultant will oversee the implementation of the UNICEF-supported child protection programme, monitor progress and results, and guide the Child Protection team in Dadaab. The specific tasks include;

Support smooth implementation of UNICEF supported child protection activities in Dadaab refugee camps and in hosting areas • Monitor implementation of UNICEF supported child protection activities in Dadaab refugee camps and host communities, and highlight possible gaps or delays in implementation • Provide technical advice to UNICEF Child Protection partners to ensure case management procedures respond to identified protection needs of unregistered, unaccompanied, separated and other vulnerable children in refugee camps and host community • Support and facilitate roll out and implementation of PRIMERO/CPIMS+, in consultation with UNHCR • Mentor child protection case workers and document progressive change in case management practices and results achieved for children • Provide technical lead in the implementation of, and reporting on, UNICEF Child Protection interventions in Dadaab, with a focus on UNICEF Country Programme priorities for children in refugee camps and host community • Conduct regular programme field visits and share information with child protection partners in Dadaab to assess progress of implementation and provide recommendations. • As part of case management coaching, mentoring and technical lead, ensure partners prioritize and integrate inter-sectoral coordination in activity implementation strategies. • Represent UNICEF in Dadaab level interagency coordination meetings, primarily Child Protection Working Group, coordination in relocation/return of refugee children and families, ensuring decisions made reflect best interest of children.

Inclusion of Refugee Children in National Child Protection Systems • Provide technical lead in implementing child protection strategy for inclusion of refugee children in national child protection systems. This will entail collaboration with the Sub-County Children Officer, UNHCR, County Government and partners in ensuring UNICEF initiative on inclusion of refugee children in national child protection system is sustainably implemented. • Facilitate capacity building for Sub-County Children Officers and other Sub-County level front line social welfare workforce in line with the Social Welfare Workforce Curriculum developed by government with technical support from UNICEF

Document emerging issues and lessons learnt on integrating refugee children in national child protection systems • Support, in cooperation with other agencies child protection components of the integrated support to the Garissa Development Programme targeting both refugee and the host community is realized.

Other child protection and programme management functions • Support the implementation of the Child Protection Investment case for Garissa • Support the roll out of UPSHIFT social innovation mentorship programme in Dadaab • Support needs assessment of unregistered children in Dadaab • Provide technical guidance for adapting child protection activities in the COVID context considering the existing restrictions and public health measures in place. • Provide technical input to donor proposals and donor reports • Support implementation of global policies on prevention of Sexual Abuse and Exploitation • Monitor and report the progress of partners against key results in Programme Document and in this respect undertake formal programme monitoring activities and ensuring HACT compliance. • Regularly collate and analyze data for donor, humanitarian and UNDAF reporting • The Consultant will also complement Garissa Zonal Office child protection activities in Garissa County especially on coordination issues relating to working with the County Government and the Department of Children Services. • Support and work closely with education section/education partners for increased integrated service delivery for children.


See below Work Assignment Overview The submission of a satisfactory monthly report serves as the deliverable for each month. The total contract value will be separated into 13 payments- 1 payment for the first deliverable and 12 payments for the subsequent months during the contract period (11.5)

Work Assignment Overview




Estimate Budget

Develop consultancy deliverables implementation plan with clear timelines on monthly deliverables

Submission of work plan

15 Oct 2020


Monthly reports outlining achieved results against the approved work plan (including mid-term and end-of-assignment reports) are submitted to UNICEF as per contracting terms and conditions

At least 12 monthly reports submitted (see below)

Monthly for 11.5 months

Oct, Nov, Dec 2020, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, July, Aug, Sept 2021

X % /report demonstrating progress ag workplan

Ø Coaching, Mentoring and capacity building for partners staff implementing case management for children in Dadaab

Means of verification: No of case workers benefiting from coaching during reporting period

Monthly reports

Nov, Dec 2020, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, July, Aug, Sept 2021

Ø Support CPIMS+ roll out activities, including coordinating partners and liaising with technical team on system configuration and testing to ensure successful completion of the tasks involved

Means of verification: No of meetings held with CPIMS+ consultancy company, UNHCR and UNICEF CO/HQ on CPIMS+ during reporting period

Monthly reports

Nov, Dec 2020, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May 2021

Ø Coordination with implementing partners and UNHCR is strengthened to ensure holistic child protection services to children

Means of verification: No of coordination meetings held during the reporting period (inter-agency coordination meetings, Child Protection Working Group…)

Monthly reports

Oct, Nov, Dec 2020, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, July, Aug, Sept 2021

Ensure Child Protection programme is implemented, documented and assessed through technical support to ensure adequate child protection services for children

Means of verification: No of programme monitoring visits held during the reporting period

Monthly reports

Oct, Nov, Dec 2020, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, July, Aug, Sept 2021

Ø Coordinate with the Sub-County Children Officers and other Sub-County level front line officers to strengthen the social welfare workforce

Means of verification: No of social welfare workforce officers benefiting from trainings during reporting period

Monthly reports

Oct, Nov, Dec 2020, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, July, Aug, Sept 2021

Estimated Consultancy fee

300 USD/day

Travel International (if applicable)


Travel Local (please include travel plan) Initial travel + travel for rest and recuperation every 12 weeks= 4 times during contract duration and return travel in the end of contract

400 USD x 6= 2400 USD

DSA (if applicable)


Total estimated consultancy costs


Minimum Qualifications required:

  • Knowledge/Expertise/Skills required:
  • A minimum of 3 years of Professional experience in Child Protection programming, including experience in child protection in emergencies/child protection in displacement situations
  • Experience in case management work with at-risk or vulnerable children, familiarity with CPIMS+ system is an advantage
  • Experience in adolescent programmes is an advantage.
  • Demonstrated experience in child protection programme design and programme monitoring
  • Familiarity with the child protection system in Kenya.
  • Good training and facilitation skills.
  • Good team working skills and ability to work with people of diverse background, education level and technical capabilities.
  • Competencies: building and maintaining partnerships; Drive to achieve results for impact; demonstrates self-awareness and ethical awareness; Innovates and embraces change; Manages ambiguity and complexity; Works collaboratively with others
  • Languages required: Fluency in English and Kiswahili. Somali added value.

Bachelors Masters PhD Other

University degree in Social Work/Social Sciences (Sociology, Anthropology, International Relations, Development, Psychology) or other related field.

Administrative details:

Visa assistance required: N/a

Transportation arranged by the office:

Home Based X Office Based

The consultancy position is based in Dadaab – a non-family duty station.

If office based, seating arrangement identified:

IT and Communication equipment required:

Internet access required:

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