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This is a UNV International Specialist contract. This kind of contract is known as International UN Volunteer. It is normally internationally recruited only. More about UNV International Specialist contracts.

Ethiopia hosts one of the largest refugees and internally displaced populations in the world. Leading the way in the CRRF roll out, the country has adopted progressive laws and policies, which offer opportunities for better protection and solutions. Melkadida Operation hosts close to 199,000 Somali Refugees in five camps: Melkadida, Bokolmanya, Kobe, Hilaweyn and Buramino. In addition, there is a reception center in Dollo Ado that hosts new arrivals before relocating them to the camps. The Ethiopia Multi-Year Strategy (2022-2024) envisioned that refugees, returnees, IDPs and other populations of concern become self-reliant, enjoy freedom of movement, are economically engaged in society, and included in improved national services and protection systems. The Sub Office in Melkadida has so far been an embodiment of this vision; a range of economically viable opportunities have been established for the refugees and hosting populations which in turn have broaden the opportunity for a more reliant community. There are a range of organizations influencing protection, including NGOs, microfinance institutions and banks, as well as international foundations, notably the IKEA Foundation. In the five camps, several projects are undertaken by Implementing and operational partners. These are usually one-year projects implemented through a partnership agreement or memorandum of understanding. The main government counterpart (RRS) serves as both an implementing partner and a monitoring agency, and together with UNHCR, joint monitoring activities are undertaken in both the refugee camps and host communities.

UNHCR Sub-Office Melkadida is a compound build on 40,000-meter square plot of land in Melkadida. In the compound there are 27 buildings and 40 containers used as office and residential rooms where more than 100 staff members are accommodated. The compound also includes other facilities such as two cafeterias, a gym, a clinic, and a laundry area, a bunker to be used as a safe room, car park, a conference room, and a security guard unit near the main gate. Assets such as an electric generator and water reservoir are also installed inside the compound. The Associate compound Manager will work under the direct supervision of the Administrative Officer

Under the direct supervision of the Administrative Officer, P3, the UN Volunteer will undertake the following tasks:

• Manage the accommodation facilities by assigning rooms to guests and maintain a list of guests in the compound. • Ensure accommodation facilities are cleaned on a daily basis. • Ensure the bathrooms are maintained clean on a daily basis. • Management the store with cleaning equipment and supplies and advice administration on procurement of cleaning supplies. • Ensure the maintained of office equipment/installation and machinery in the compound i.e. Generators, laundry machines/water supply/borehole and kitchen equipment; • Assist by supervising directly on a day-to-day basis the technician, electrician, plumber, Generator technician and the handy man/gardener. • Maintain a daily attendance record of casuals engaged for a specific task. • Ensure that the General Compound both International and National including the office area are clean and all trash is emptied on a daily basis. • Establish and enforce effective compound management system and criteria with the aim of strengthening internal controls, efficiency, and transparency. • Develop a well-defined compound management system that addresses various aspects of compound management in a structured and coherent manner. • Strategic oversight of planning, budgeting, monitoring of the compound management, tracking use of financial resources in accordance with UNHCR rules and regulations. • Accommodation distribution criteria finalized and implemented to ensure full transparency. • Manage Humanitarian Hub portal for guests booking and staff by ensuring quality records and reporting. • Report on annual basis on maintenance plan and other major changes in UNHCR provided accommodation to Accommodation unit in Headquarters. • Generate invoices and record accommodation revenue in the system for recoveries. • Assist Administration in compliance to the UNHCR Accommodation policy and provide feedback from guests for improvements. • Perform other duties as required.

Integrity and professionalism Accountability Planning and organizing Teamwork and respect for diversity Communication Flexibility, adaptability

relevant professional job experience in UN/NGO in compound management or Hotel/resort management e.t.c.

This UNV assignment is subject to proof of vaccination against Covid-19 with WHO approved vaccine in accordance with UNHCR’s Administrative Instruction on Covid-19 Vaccination and related Safety Measures.

UNHCR’s Melkadida office is located in the Liben zone, Somali region of Ethiopia. It is 67km from Dollo Ado, which is located just 2km from the border with Somalia. It is serviced by Dollo Ado and Melkadida airstrips, which have regular scheduled services to Addis Ababa, through 3 UNHAS flights a week, excluding weekends. Melkadida office location has limited recreational facilities and is located in an enclosed setting. The successful IUNV candidate should be prepared to live and work in an enclosed office, with daily field travels and limited resources. In Melkadida, secure housing is provided for international staff, within UNHCR compound. There may be cases of sharing, in extenuating circumstances.

Melkadida is a category ‘E’ non-family duty station, with R&R cycle of every 8-weeks. The successful IUNV will receive a full security briefing on the security situation and concerns upon arrival in the country.

Within Ethiopia, the basic infrastructures – roads, utilities, and telecommunications – are below standard, as are medical faculties, which are still largely inadequate, although a few private clinics and hospitals provide reasonably good routine care. There is UN health facility in Melkadida compound but limited in scope of services. There is a UN Clinic in Addis Ababa, but for very serious conditions/surgery, United Nations staff may be treated elsewhere. The vaccinations required are yellow fever, typhoid, meningitis, hepatitis A&B, diphtheria, tetanus, and polio.

Malaria prophylaxis is recommended for trips outside of Addis Ababa. There are lots of tourist attractions to visit around the country, although the amenities are often poor to average. All staff based in Melkadida are expected to answer to daily radio checks, and all vehicles and staff movements to and from the camps are strictly monitored and reported in compliance with MOSS (Minimum Operating Security Standards) attendant in the duty station. Travel to and from Addis Ababa is made easy by the availability of UNHAS flight on 3 times weekly expect Weekend/Official Holidays. Road transport may also be organized though less preferred, and three days would be required for the journey.

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