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Our organization is working on a solution for waste pollution in Bamenda- Cameroon under which we have 'Waste collect project''. App Development task is consist of creating an E-commerce platform to connect urban city dwellers in Bamenda city with our waste collect team to help reduce solid waste pollution in the city. This platform will give access to city dwellers to register themselves through app to receive waste collection services at their doorstep from the waste collect team. Further consumers may get thorough information on waste separation and compost production and creation of home gardens. Volunteers will work on App Development with the support of the Director. Communication will be through emails and WhatsApp.

  • Technology development
  • Software and applications development and analysis

    The current Anglophone crisis has created a vulnerable situation in Bamenda with the complete failure of public services and heavy migration from nearby rural areas, which has resulted into uncontrolled dumping and burning of waste in public spaces, backyards, and river. As per the previous study, Bamenda city generated 120-160tonnes of municipal solid waste daily (0.40-0.54kg per capita) with 76% organic fraction. Today the heaps of garbage have certainly increased with no management infrastructure in the city causing a threat to health and environment in the city. With the motivation to address the garbage issue CAEPA is working to develop a Collection system: Engaging participants across the city using App interface and distribution of dry waste storage bags to voluntary engaging participants across the city. And in exchange for disposal fee offering service to collect bags at weekly intervals.

  • Volunteers: 2 needed

  • 6-10 hours per week / 8 weeks

    Candidates should have fresh and creative ideas. You must be a developer ( backend/Frontend) with Coding skills: PHP, MySQL, Laravel, JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, Java, CSS, HTML, SQL, and CodeIgniter Framework 4) Please show links to your PROTFORIO or previous Apps 5) Able to develop Apps & follow UX/ UI Designs. 6) Knowledge to Setup framework environment & others settings to develop it with others from other countries.

  • Cameroon

  • English
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