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This is a UNV National Youth contract. This kind of contract is known as National UN Volunteer. It is normally only for nationals. More about UNV National Youth contracts.

The United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) is present within 10 offices across Brazil. The UN Volunteer will be part of the Operations Section of UNICEF Brazil, with the Operations Section located in the capital Brasilia together with Operations Unit.

Under the supervision and guidance of the Admin/Finance Officer, the UNV Administrative Assistant is responsible for executing a broad variety of procedural and specialized administrative tasks for the respective section requiring in-depth knowledge of UNICEF administrative procedures, processes and policies.

Under the supervision of the Admin/Finance Officer, and in close collaboration with the Admin Associate and Admin/Travel Assistant, the UN Volunteer will undertake the following tasks:

a) Support on travel and admin tasks and other related areas.

b) Support in Processing Brazilian Visas and request ID Cards to International Staff within Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE), including the renewal process (Official Verbal Notes and other documents required).

c) Logistical and administrative support in events, external official visits and internal UNICEF meetings.

d) Monitoring the open Travel Authorization in the system once a week and send reminders to the travelers to certify and close their trips).

e) Check and verify the air tickets invoices issued by travel agency for payment and forward them to the Finance Section to provide payment.

f) Assist international personal to submit tax exemption and immunities within Ministry of Foreign Affairs and protocol documents. Make arrangements for shipment and receipt of office project supplies and equipment and household effects, including customs clearance.

g) Request quotations prepare comparative table to LVP (Low Value Procurement) and Vendor registration.

h) Request new access badges and business cards.

i) Monitor UBER utilization and request the payment to finance unit.

j) Work closely with colleagues from Admin/Finance Unit and provide support in achievement of unit’s work priorities and objectives

Core values: Care. Respect. Integrity. Trust. Accountability. Sustainability

Core competencies: Demonstrates Self Awareness and Ethical Awareness - Self-aware of own strengths, limitations, working style and deeply held convictions and biases; Display ethical awareness through behaviours that are consistent and compliant with the standards of conduct for international civil servants; Seek feedback from multiple sources on own behaviours, including unconscious biases and potential blind spots; Recognize personal stress and seek help to maintain personal well-being; Display appropriate ethical behaviours, promoting zero tolerance for sexual exploitation and abuse, harassment, including sexual harassment, abuse of authority, and any type of discrimination; Challenge unprofessional, unethical and unsafe behaviours; Voice opinion in a truthful and respectful manner; Apply UNICEF’s core values in personal and professional life, demonstrating consistency between words and actions. Works Collaboratively with others - Establish and maintain mutually supportive working relationships, demonstrating sensitivity to people of diverse backgrounds, respecting differences and ensuring that all can contribute and succeed; Encourage others to contribute ideas and listen without interruption; Support colleagues in achieving their goals; Earn the trust and confidence of colleagues through respectful, honest behaviours, displaying openness and tolerance. Builds and Maintains Partnerships - Build a network of external stakeholders and alliances with counterparts in order to promote and advance the work of the organization; Develop a network of formal and informal contacts through participation in professional networks; Adopt a consultative approach and solicit the support of key stakeholders at critical stages of one’s work. Innovates and Embraces Change - Adapt and respond positively to change; Review work practices, analyzing evidence-based trends to apply new methods and techniques; Respond flexibly to changing circumstances, priorities and deadlines; Display creativity, experiment with new approaches and demonstrate openness to changing existing practices. Thinks and Acts Strategically - Understand the big picture and show ability to identify potential opportunities for action and challenges; Analyze and evaluate data from a wide range of sources, assessing reliability and presenting conclusions to enable informed decision-making; Adapt workplans in response to emerging situations and new requirements; Consider the long-term impact and risks. Drive to achieve impactful results - Commit to action and assumes responsibility and ownership for own performance and the associated outcomes; Pay attention to detail, producing work of a high standard; Monitor activities on a regular basis, reviewing work plan to ensure progress and delivery; Ensure the completion of tasks, while addressing obstacles and bottlenecks; Involve key stakeholders in activities that impact them, keeping them informed of potential delays and problems. Manages ambiguity and complexity - Demonstrate resilience and composure despite challenges; Maintain performance levels in pressure, adverse and uncertain environments; Demonstrate flexibility; Identify key issues and priorities, maintaining personal effectiveness in complex situations.

Functional Competencies: Analyzing; Applying technical expertise; Learning and researching; Planning and organizing.

Administration or clerical work. Experience in Microsoft Office package (Word, Excel and Power Point) is required. Knowledge of SAP is considered an asset. Excellent inter-personal and networking skills. Excellent writing skills. Ability to work effectively with people of different national and cultural background. Technical or University level courses in administration or business and/or international relations will be considered an asset. Afro-Brazilian and Indigenous candidates are encouraged to apply.

Brasilia is a family duty station and classified A (hardship). The living conditions in Brasilia are good as well as the access to health services. The accommodation facilities are in general good, and the choice is wide. As this is a national UN Volunteer assignment, the UN Volunteer will be responsible for arranging their own housing and other living essentials. National UN Volunteers are part of the malicious insurance plan. Brazil is security level 3 (moderate). United Nations Department of Safety and Security UNDSS Brazil advises to exercise a high degree of caution in Brazil due to high levels of serious and violent crime, particularly in major cities. Violent crime as muggings, armed robbery, kidnappings, and sexual assault, is very high. Avoid shanty towns (favelas) in the big cities and if you are attacked or robbed, do not resist. Demonstrations can occur at any time and may turn violent with little or no warning. All United Nations personnel must scrupulously comply with UNDSS procedures and recommendations during their assignment in Brazil. For missions in rural areas or indigenous reservations, special procedures may apply; UN personnel should consult with the local DSS office in advance.

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