Support the editing and proofreading of a regional assessment on the impact of diasporas contribution on sustainable development

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The regional assessment on the current status of diaspora engagement across the region will provide information about the South American diaspora, national policies, legislation, channels and authorities in charge of the emigrant community; institutional mechanisms to facilitate identification of differentiated socio-economic impacts of emigration and the contribution of diaspora at the local level and how to take advantage of the latter for local sustainable development; and recommendations on how to improve positive relationship between migration and development. The volunteers will directly contribute to expanding the information available about the South American diasporas by editing the final document of the assessment.

Edit and proofread a technical research report in one or more of the following languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese. The assessment report provides guidance for governments and authorities looking to understand the contributions made by diasporas by data collection methods that monitor public policies, results, and impacts. The final version must follow the OIM guidelines in every language.

Volunteers should have experience editing and proofreading social and political content. Volunteers are expected to edit 50-60 pages in a short-period of time. Volunteers should be fluent in English, Spanish or Portuguese (or more than one of those languages)

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