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The Moving Minds Alliance (MMA) works to scale up the financing, policies and leadership needed to effectively support young children and families affected by crisis and displacement everywhere, with the aim to rebuild resilience and foster the wellbeing and development of families and their young children. This is achieved through prioritizing comprehensive interventions in the first few months and years of a child’s life that influences their physical and mental health, wellbeing, learning and behavior over their entire lifetime. These interventions are complemented by enabling nurturing, stable relationships with caregivers and other adults to ensure the development of the architecture of the brain and children’s overall health and wellbeing. Our members include organizations such as UNICEF, International Rescue Committee, Save the Children, World Vision, Plan International, Right to Play, Results, Sesame Workshop, Theirworld, LEGO Foundation, Porticus, Bernard van Leer Foundation, and Hilton Foundation.

An important aspect of the MMA’s vision is partnering with donor governments to ensure that foreign assistance is aligned with the evidence on the critical need for attention towards caregivers, families and children, particularly in humanitarian settings. One such focus country is France, a potential global champion to improve the quality and quantity of development and humanitarian assistance. Over the last two years the MMA has worked to become a trusted partner to French policymakers and begun to build ties with local civil society to raise awareness on the opportunity provided by supporting a more holistic approach to its foreign assistance to design and deliver child rights programming.

Purpose of Consultancy

The Moving Minds Alliance is seeking a consultant to operate in a senior coordinator role to build on the presence of MMA in France, including extending the relationship building and progress made to date. The Senior Coordinator will maintain and strengthen the MMA’s direct relationships with French policy and decision makers; increase direct political support for early childhood development and formalize ties with civil society to strengthen a collective approach, including identifying options for a long term institutional host for the MMA in France. The consultant will also engage in fundraising for the MMA’s France focused work to create the necessary foundations and engagement for a longer-term collective or coalition approach.

Scope of Work

1. Continue to identify and engage a short list of influential decision makers in the Parliament, National Assembly, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs leading the child rights-based discourse across humanitarian and development authorities.

2. Build on momentum with French civil society, including NGOs and local multilateral offices, as well as building a relationship with Groupe Enfance, Coordination Sud, and Coalition Education, leading to a potential coalition approach and complementarity of action.

3. Generate relevant communication materials, policy briefs, and talking points in French to consistently articulate MMA’s vision and the Early Childhood Development field of evidence to a French decision maker audience.

4. Lead MMA’s support for the Conférence Nationale Humanitaire, CICID, Global Refugee Forum, and continue monitoring the French humanitarian calendar for visibility opportunities.

5. Work with the MMA Director to identify and follow up on potential funding opportunities for the MMA’s human resource capacity for any future phases of MMA work in France

6. Identify a shortlist of viable hosting / long term partnership opportunities for the MMA in France that will provide an opportunity for a longer-term institutional home for the MMA, including the capability to hire and retain staff and to receive and manage income.


1. Monthly reporting including analysis of progress towards strengthened political relationships, more influential positioning on policy and financing, and the potential for partnerships or coalitions with French state and civil society actors.

by the end of the consultancy:

2. A proposed plan of action for the next 12 months, including an overview of strategic advocacy options to achieve the MMA’s objectives. This should include the suggested nature of partnership with civil society and main partners as well as main targets/collaborators in government and discrete strategies for each of them.

3. An outcome analysis inclusive of progress and challenges

4. Recommendations for how to institutionalize/formalize the MMA’s presence in France.

5. An analysis of funding options and summary of initial contacts with prospective funders for the MMA;s work in France in the future.


Qualifications & Education:


· Master’s degree in political science or international affairs or experience to an equivalent level

· 5-10 years (or more) related experience required in French policy and advocacy coalition building, including experience of working with French civil society.

· Knowledge of French development and humanitarian foreign assistance policy and policy setting and governance processes

· Excellent research, writing and analysis skills; ability to translate evidence for a non-technical audience.

· Project management oriented, self-driven, enables clear communication and coordination, and able to meet deadlines.

· Fluent French at a professional level (i.e. able to make formal presentations and represent the MMA at a high level) and excellent working English (i.e. ability to provide detailed feedback and discuss strategy with the wider MMA team)


- Knowledge of Early Childhood Development areas (nutrition, health, early education, parenting, health, etc.)

Dates: June 15th to December 15th Duration: Up to a maximum of 75 days

How to apply

Interested candidates should submit an Expression of Interest in English or French, including CV, a proposed methodology for the consultancy approach, as well as a project timeline and daily rate financial offer, as well as the names of three references.

- Please submit no later than June 9th - Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.


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