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Result of Service - ACES has a state-of-the-art facility for the market training centre with technicians delivering a range of courses to different audiences - CCH is operational with good management, training, operation, health and safety and maintenance procedures - ACES headquarters, including the Demonstration Hall, is constructed and kitted out so that they can be used for operations. - Training programmes are well designed for the training centre with the first training taking place after the opening of the Centre. - Refrigeration equipment is well maintained with regular testing of performance. - SPOKEs deliver in-country training

Work Location Rwanda

Expected duration 1 year, renewable

Duties and Responsibilities The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is accelerating the global transition to energy efficiency and climate-friendly cooling. Getting the right solutions in place for refrigeration and space conditioning (cooling) is essential for improving the quality of life and health of people without undue impacts on the planet. United for Efficiency (U4E) is a global initiative launched in 2015 to help developing and emerging markets quickly and comprehensively transition to energy-efficient and climate-friendly lighting, room air conditioners, household refrigerators, electric motors and transformers (see

An expert consultant is needed in Rwanda to provide in-country and on-the-ground refrigeration technical expertise to support the delivery of the Africa Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Cooling and Cold Chain (ACES), working alongside UNEP’s existing in-country ACES general manager, the technical and academic team from the UK, the University of Rwanda (UR) and other in-country partners and the lead consultant who oversees local day-to-day operations and execution. The Centre was established in 2020 by the Governments of Rwanda (GoR) and the United Kingdom (UK), U4E, the Centre for Sustainable Cooling, and a range of academic institutions. ACES is a first-of-kind Centre dedicated to accelerating the uptake of sustainable cooling and cold-chain solutions in the agriculture and health sectors in Africa, improving livelihoods, health, food and nutritional security of rural communities, thereby bringing environmental, social and economic development. The University of Rwanda (UR) is the host of the Centre headquarters and has designated team and facilities, infrastructure, and land at its Rubirizi Campus in Kigali.

A. Delivery of ACES - Working with London South Bank University and University of Birmingham and other external consultants and advisors, support the design and equipment selection of the training facilities, and other related facilities, as well as the design and setting up of the demonstration hall. - Working with London South Bank University and University of Birmingham and other external consultants and advisors, support (i) the selection and modification of appropriate training courses and (ii) design and drafting of bespoke training programmes for the Centre. - Support UR in the procurement process of equipment, especially in Rwanda and wider Africa continent, including the identification, marketing to and down-selection of providers.

B. Operationalize facilities, staffing and business models - Provide on the ground refrigeration equipment technical support to the team bringing renovations and new construction of ACES facilities on-site at the headquarters campus (particularly the Demonstration Hall, Community Cooling Hub) and remotely for ACES Specialised Outreach and Knowledge Establishments (SPOKES) to successful delivery. - Facilitate the contracting, secondment or recruitment (and define additional training) of in-house technicians who will be the on-ground technical and training team. - Support the installation and maintenance of equipment as appropriate and support the delivery of the first training at the Centre. - Identify potential issues or needs in priority areas pertaining to the facility renovation, equipment, and training content, and assist in coming up with workable solutions - Held develop good management of the refrigeration facilities and training centre at the ACES campus, including operating, maintenance and health and safety procedures and associated staffing training - Support when requested, ACES refrigeration facilities, including test sites with partners, off site. - Support as required the establishments of first SPOKEs

C. Wider Pan-African engagement - Support efforts to increase the visibility of ACES and its ability to provide public good in the field of sustainable cooling and cold-chain, including through engagement with other African refrigeration associations and training providers

Qualifications/special skills Formal qualification in electro-mechanical design, construction and maintenance. - 5 years maintaining refrigeration systems. Preference for experience across industrial, commercial, transport, and domestic systems. - Theoretical and practical knowledge of refrigeration systems, commissioning, operation and maintenance. - Understand and can analyse technical documents e.g. electrical schemes, fluid schemes, piping diagrams, psychometric diagrams, etc. - Experience working with a range of refrigerants and training certificates/qualifications (i.e. HFCs, HCs, R744, A2L refrigerants). - Excellent working knowledge of national and international refrigeration safety requirements and standards (e.g. ISO, IEC or EN if appropriate). - Have electrical and controls experience (preferably with supporting qualification) to identify and rectify electrical and control issues. - Preferably (in addition to the essential requirements) a formal qualification in electro-mechanical design, construction and maintenance. - Experience of engineering software (design – particularly CAD, heat transfer programs, refrigeration design and optimization programs) would be advantageous. - Experience with design, operation, and maintenance of off grid refrigeration systems. - Experience of R717 refrigeration systems and an associated qualification. - Experience in training - Have proven mechanical aptitude and sound engineering skills. - Capable of working to tight deadlines whilst maintaining a high standard of work. - Excellent interpersonal, networking and communication skills. - Ability to work alone or collaboratively with colleagues/teams and train others with varied levels of skills in refrigeration. - Strong analytical skills and ability to use and operate IT equipment and software. - Have a proven record of building strong relationships with customers and colleagues.

Additional Information Performance indicators will be the following: - The effectiveness and management of the work, ensuring that activities (incl. meetings, Demonstration Hall design, procurement, agreements/contracts, communication and outreach activities) are delivered on time to the extent practicable.

  • The effectiveness of engagement with key stakeholders, ensuring that partners from government, industry and civil society are well informed of the project and their feedback is relayed to the Project Manager for consideration and future planning.

  • Timeliness (conducted per the ACES workplan unless extenuating circumstances arise; providing advance notice of and potential resolutions for anticipated delays) and pertinence of deliverables and reporting.

  • Usefulness and quality of information and technical recommendations (evidenced by retaining in final versions of documents content that the consultant has drafted)

Specific tasks and responsibilities:

  • Strategic Coordination support with the project team ¿ Facilitate regular coordination with the different project’s stakeholders with respect to the design of the facility and training. ¿ Track project deliverables and help ensure overall progress per the workplan ¿ Contribute other input and assistance to facilitate a cohesive team effort ¿ Organize and conduct meetings with major partners and regularly engage the project team. ¿ Facilitate delivery of activities to achieve priority milestones
  • Operations ¿ Facilitate completion of key facility renovations, new construction and procurement of equipment and services. ¿ Support the implementation, monitoring and verification of equipment
  • Wider Pan-African Engagement ¿ Support wider outreach to additional collaborators in Africa and beyond (regional bodies in Africa, other countries, industry) and communicate key progress of the project at international events, developing business case and initiating business engagement. ¿ Support the promotion and communication on the Centre.


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