Methodology for Comparative Analysis of Multiple Cases for the Analysis of Public Administration in ECLAC Member Countries

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Result of Service The results will contribute to the development of methodologies for the comparative and qualitative analysis of aspects of public administration in different countries, with an understanding of the effects of the political system and party occupation in public administration. It will be analyzed how the administrative machines of the State are structured to shed light on aspects of the state's organizational capacity and its consequent results.

Work Location Brasília

Expected duration 180 Days

Duties and Responsibilities Understanding transformations in the organization of the Federal Public Administration and its political constraints is the focus of a broader research project of which this methodological development proposal is part. The effort is especially relevant insofar as its object of analysis is the state organization, which is understood as one of the determining aspects of state capacity. A comparative analysis of the organization of public administration in countries with different political systems, in addition to different socioeconomic conditions, can enable the identification of differential elements regarding the results of the respective institutional and organizational arrangements. The study incorporating CEPAL member countries, with different political systems, is proposed to enable specific gains from the comparative studies, through the observation of similarities and differences and their respective reflections in the administrative structure. The countries to be observed are Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, and Canada, since they have different political systems (presidentialism and parliamentarism) and economic and social aspects, without prejudice to the addition of data from other countries until the final report is prepared on the methodology. The set of selected countries thus provides the necessary diversity for the purpose of establishing correlations by means of a comparative method.

The focus will be on the development of a comparative analysis methodology suited to the research objectives, which involves the qualitative and simultaneous comparison of multiple cases with multiple variables, to verify the relationship between characteristics of political systems and the trajectory of public administration structures at the federal level. (or National), including direct (ministries) and indirect (other entities) administration. The variables to be considered in the methodological development are: i) the institutional arrangements that characterize the political system at the Federal (National) level in each selected country; ii) the institutional arrangements that define the occupation of public positions in the direct and indirect administration at the top of the hierarchy of ministries and other bodies and entities of the Federal Public Administration (FPA); iii) trajectory of government coalitions in each case; iv) the trajectory of the ministerial structure and the ways in which the public administration operates, including their transformations in terms of the number of ministries and other bodies of the indirect administration according to the theoretical framework for classifying the structures.

Qualifications/special skills Academic Qualifications: - master's degree in public administration, statistics, economics, public management or related areas Experience: - Minimum of 01 (one) year of experience in research in the area of public administration, survey and systematization of data from public administration and/or related areas - publications in the area related to consulting Language: - fluency in Portuguese

Additional Information Outputs/ Works Assignment: Product 1 – Report containing Bibliographic research on the applicability of comparative research methods (qualitative/quantitative). To be submitted 30 days after start Product 2. Report describing the findings of the exploratory analysis of data from the political structure and systems database for the sampled countries. To be submitted 75 days after start Product 3. Final Report with description of the methodological path and results of the comparative analysis of the competence distribution database for the Brazilian case (comparison between federal government structures). To be submitted 120 days after start Product 4. Final research report containing data from comparisons, results of analyzes with the selected methodology and text describing the methodological path. To be submitted 180 days after start


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