Marketing, advertising with the aim in promoting MDFs objectives and goals


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MDF for the twenty years have been involved in various community development projects in Papua New Guinea and in that matter, it wanted to gain world recognition by attracting more volunteers to join through the UNV portal and particpate meaninfully to develop Papua New Guinea which is listed as one of the third world countries in the world.

The task involve marketing and promoting MDFs objectives and goals with the idea to gain support from volunteers from the world who can apply to various opportunities posted by MDF at the UNV site. The task involve communicating with the focal contact perosn for MDF and using social media, emails and other tools to market MDFs goals and objective.

Must be able to speak English and Chinese Must be wokring in China or any part of the world Must be computer literate Must have marketing skills and social media knowledge Please send an email on [email protected]

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