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Background of the project

In recent years, global MNH experts have led the development of numerous technical and operational guidelines to advance the field of maternal and newborn health (MNH) in humanitarian settings, including the Newborn Health in Humanitarian Settings: Field Guide (NBFG) and associated newborn supply kits as companions to the 2018 Interagency Field Manual on Reproductive Health in Humanitarian Settings (IAFM) and reproductive health kits. While the implementation of these tools has increased attention to and funding for newborn health care in these settings, a lot remains to ensure the systematic delivery of high-quality care for the mother-newborn dyad.

The NBFG is available in four languages and has been printed and disseminated by implementing agencies within several countries. However, only really accessible in print and through a URL link (https://www.healthynewbornnetwork.org/resource/newborn-health-humanitarian-settings-field-guide/), it is not otherwise particularly user-friendly for humanitarian responders as a 200-page PDF. In addition, the MNH field is a rapidly changing one, with new guidance and tools being released regularly. These complementary resources should be made easily accessible and adaptable for program managers that are using the NBFG, but no one central location exists through which all of these resources can be accessed and contextualized.

There is a need to digitize the NBFG, similar to that of the IAFM (https://iawgfieldmanual.com/). Creating such a site will: allow the content to be more easily navigated; ease the process for updating and revising content in the future; ensure complementary resources can be linked as appropriate and more easily accessed by users; and ideally allow for better accessibility through mobile and other digital technologies.

Scope of Work:

This consultant will be responsible for developing the content for a digital hub for the NBFG. While a web designer will be hired to actually build the page, this consultant will identify and provide all of the content, including text, visualizations, and external complementary resources. The consultant will be responsible for digitizing the English-version of the Field Guide, but will keep an eye towards requirements for the other languages, documenting his/her work so that similar efforts can be undertaken for French, Spanish, and Arabic (for example, noting where particular complementary resources are or are not available in all 4 languages). Lastly, the consultant will make recommendations for where the development of new or updated content may be needed, given recent guidance and current evidence to have emerged since the NBFG was drafted.

The consultant will work with a core team of representatives from both the IAWG MNH sub-Working Group and the ENAP in Emergencies Working Groups to agree upon final content. This core team will serve as a steering committee, and will review and approve plans on an iterative basis (per module). In addition, the consultant will collaborate with both working groups to solicit feedback/experiences on use of the NBFG to inform case studies and future recommendations for revision.


- Approved proposals for digitizing content (in English) for each of the six modules of the NBFG - A documented process with recommendations for building complementary sites for the NBFG in Spanish, Arabic, and French - At least 2 case studies that document the use of the NBFG within a country (captured through collaborations with partner agencies) - A slidedeck to be used by partners when launching the website, to orient end-users to the platform



- Experience in/knowledge of maternal and newborn health, with a key focus on newborn health and ideally experience with or knowledge of main training packages - Experience/understanding of the humanitarian contexts and key actors - Excellent writing skills - Expertise in trainings, clinical work, or guideline development

To apply, please send your CV and a cover letter/letter of interest to elaine.scudder@rescue.org by 20 August 2021.

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