Carry out GIS, remote sensing survey, geological litertaure review on a proposed deep sea talings disposal (DSTD)


Application deadline in 2 days: Thursday 9 Dec 2021 at 00:00 UTC

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MDF strenghtened and support community development projects and have plans to engaged volunteers to conduct a independent research to confirm if it is environmentally friendly to dispose mine tailings from Wafi Golpu Mine into the sea. The proposed DSTDis currently an issue of debate, court challenges and community concern.

The project is in line wth MDF vission to help communities and other stakeholders by providing and disseminating apropriate information for education and awareness.

MDF requires the service of two academic reserachers who have knowledged and expereince in deep sea min tailings disposal to conduct a independent remote GIS survey and literature research on the current deep sea mine tailings disposal in Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea. The study will involve academic and scientific paper review on deep sea mine tailings dispoal around the world as well as the study on the proposed (DSTD) n Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea. The task basically involves researching using remote sensing, literature review using past publication, report, reserach paper and sceintific facts. The task also involves writing and editing for a possible communication paper.

MDF requires the service of a GIS graduate who have essential experience in remote sensing, geology and environmental studies and must be good in academic reseaching and pubilcation. The volunteers must be able to have access to geololgical information, GIS data to help with the study. He or she must be able to access information which are not easily available through pubilc domain.

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