72049224R00002: Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning/Global Fragility Act Advisor (U.S. Citizens only)

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Application deadline in 3 days: Wednesday 6 Dec 2023 at 12:00 UTC

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The Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning/Global Fragility Act (MEL/GFA) Advisor will serve as USAID’s representative to the inter-agency team implementing the SPCPS 10-Year Country Plan (Strategy) for PNG. S/he will lead USAID's MEL efforts and support the development and implementation of the SPCPS interagency MEL Plan and Learning Agenda. The MEL/GFA Advisor will have expert MEL knowledge and a general understanding of the democracy, governance, and conflict and economic growth sectors, to include cross-sectoral areas such as gender and social inclusion, civil society strengthening, local service delivery, and youth development. The MEL Advisor will review and approve evaluation statement of work; review and analyze project quarterly reports; provide Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) input on activity design and develop/regular update USAID’s Performance Management Plans (PMPs) to provide adequate oversight for USAID’s projects, and serve as USAID lead for collaboration, learning, and adaptation efforts for the SPCPS.

As MEL Advisor, s/he will have expert-level knowledge of MEL concepts and practices/application in complex environments. The Advisor plans, budgets, and manages monitoring and evaluation activities for USAID in coordination with USAID's technical teams and the United States Government (USG) inter-agency SPCPS team. S/he monitors and assesses program performance and progress and determines knowledge gaps for program learning and adaptation. S/he applies an understanding of reporting requirements and formats through preparation of planning, budgeting, and performance reporting documentation and guides staff to complete required documentation. S/he assists in applying learning to strategic planning, project and activity design, and implementation through adaptive management.

As GFA Advisor, s/he will provide critical leadership and management oversight of USAID's SPCPS work. S/he will engage with the inter-agency to oversee progress of the 10-year strategy, and engage external partners to include USAID implementing partners, government representatives, civil society, and community leaders to support achievement of the strategic objectives. The GFA Advisor will serve as the principal advisor to the USAID Country Representative, inter-agency, and USAID Washington with full responsibility for providing leadership, advice, and staff support on all aspects of USAID's SPCPS programming. Programming will address such areas as drivers of endemic violence and inter-group conflict, peacebuilding, conflict mitigation and management, and women’s inclusion and empowerment. S/he also provides regular and frequent reporting on SPCPS implementation, to include potential issues that may need to be addressed by USAID or the inter-agency. Please click on the PDF file on the right for more specific details.

File: Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning/Global Fragility Act Advisor

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